7 Eleven $2 Sushi and Sandwiches Review – Greg’s Kitchen

Today l go to 7 Eleven to try the new $2 sushi and sandwiches they are selling on Wednesdays. Let’s give them a try and see how they taste!7 Eleven Sushi and Sandwiches Review – Greg’s Kitchen


bitsorbytes says:

So….. are they worth it @ there normal prices?

tiria dawsill says:

watch out grego you can get parasites from sushi I found out the other day. apple cidar vinegar and cayenne pepper flushes some out.

seoreh says:

Abracadabra poof , the avocado chicken sandwich vanishes out of his left hand.

Harry says:

No more berneese?

thejollyjumbuck says:

I look forward to these videos the way I used to crave new content from Casey Neistat. Does that make me a gregaholic? :-/

Stupid Dumb Couple says:

I used to love that chicken and avo sandwich when I lived near a 7-11! The sushi however… no thanks

Patricia DelMercado says:

Eeeeewwwwww. Why, if you are a good cook (and you are), do you eat this garbage? Review a supermarket and buy some real food to cook instead?

Mango says:

The flashing light inside the freezer triggered me.

Brainhorn says:

That’s what she said

Joseph Young says:

That’s farkin cheap az!

John Reyes says:

I know you can do better than that!

The Buchanan Family says:

It did look like so much rice! I like how they put the tomato between the cheese and ham so it didn’t touch the bread! 😀

Natatattatification says:

Next Friday: IV fluid review (coz I’m in hospital from eating that sushi)

Mrs Frizzle says:

that soy sauce is in the same container my betta fish medicine comes in 🙂

Kryptoz Playz says:

Lookin good greg

ausgrey says:

Did anyone on here notice that the sandwiches are in the exact same packaging as the ones you pay 7 times more for on an airline but only with 7 eleven on them? i guess we know where the leftover airline food goes haha

Bison Reigns says:

Hey Greg would love to see you try the Carolina Reaper chip.


Raggy Ragsdale says:

Fine review! Raggy

Simon Henry says:

fuck Greggo – don’t let the bloody soy sauce get on the leather seats!

Roger Saenz says:

Greggo nice work! The 7 eleven up here down in San Antonio TX don’t carry any of those food products but I do think the chicken amd avocado did look healthier and tasty. Thanks.

Winter says:

its hard to eat, maybe take smaller bites?

Flamecrew9 At roblox says:

At a good sushi shop there only 2:50$

kyle7412 says:

Gas station sushi? RIP greggo

Spoif says:

Hi Greg. I just had a spicy tuna and a beef teriyaki sushi roll from my local sushi shop. Lots of soy sauce and wasabi, YUM-O.

Sid Dalton says:

This channel sucks arse now. Nothing but shitty reviews. Unsubbing because you are shit now grego.

Mike Jones says:

greggo is a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sig Shooter says:

How about a lobster sushi roll recipe, Greg?

w00t40 says:

You won’t “ReGREGit”

Dean Ellison says:

You are the Evel Kenievel of cheap processed fish there Greggo.

Jon De Iconuc says:

Guess that is very cheap and worthy

scannaunderscore1 says:

Lol $5 for sandwich

Bill Fitch says:

I don’t have a bloody 7 eleven

Optic Adapt says:

Can someone make my dad and sub to me

Unknown X says:

7 eleven sushi is absolutely disgusting

Filip K says:

The avocado one look good and for 2$…. 10/10 price

John Moss says:

Sid Daltan nice knowing you , bye

Wesley Melon says:

4:12 and 4:14 :^) cheeky bugga

Aussie -Yobbo -In -Thailand says:

Loves the Egg sandwiches

Mike P says:

Do they sell Japanese products in 7-11Australia? They do here in America.

motherofthedrummers says:

“thanks for watching fellows” ??????

Comedyshortsgamer Games says:


robert retka says:

Just because for you I approve.

freebird vlogs says:

i have had the sushi and it was horrid lol

Sue Smith says:

I had this on Wed. I had the bacon, avo and tomato. Was great.

HeliMicky says:

You need a medal for eating 7 Eleven food especially sushi #uck I would never do it 🙂

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