7-Eleven Sushi Review – CarBS

Welcome to CarBS! On this show Matt Zion will be reviewing food/drinks in his car to get them out to the fans asap! Today Zion reviews 7-Eleven Sushi!

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Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

you might like my sushi most of it isn’t raw fish.

Rick Ross says:

nu-male cuck

Revka Hunt says:

This brand is sold at my local Hannaford and I’ve had it before, they have much larger selections and for store sushi its not the worst I’ve had.

Alex blake says:

You should do a challenge where you have to eat a full package of those in like 30 seconds

Justin Hemenway says:

Did you actually get sick though? Any symptoms?

Max Girard says:

I would never eat that

Daniel Chung says:

I buy this. Cause im asian…

SMSV2008 says:

“I like Sushi but I hate raw fish”

But you like raw dog though…..

Tomas says:

Matt died shortly after this video. It’s tragic but that’s the price you pay for eating gas station Sushi.

kitty friend says:

this comment section makes me’ mind hurt

Orlando Vigg says:

thanks for the for-warning of 7-Eleven product. With my luck on tasting/trying pre-made shit like that that comes from some other company, I’d vomit. I’d probably choose to vomit in the parking lot.

mel ward says:

I hope you like intestinal worms

Kevin Belden says:

i never would have bought this… unless it was less than $3…and i would have finished it all XD

zenguide says:

7-11 sushi in Tokyo is amazing… but duh, it’s in Tokyo… 😉 Seriously, Japanese 7-11’s are awesome!

dusty bitches says:

that sushi is sold at Walmart xD

David Paxson says:

I use to buy these on the way back from work lol, i’d get off at 4AM when nothing else was open in my town

Nicholas Victory says:

Every now and then I would go to Vons and buy there sushi. Its pretty good. I think it was 12 or 10 pieces for like $6.00+tax. It hit the spot when you crave a California Roll though. I might be mistaken but I think they make there own sushi, I could be wrong though. You should try it. It’ll be better than 7Eleven for sure!

R S says:

says he likes sushi, then says he doesnt like raw fish….. wtf.

PureIrish77 says:

Omg …. 7 Eleven Sushi review? Stomach of steel.

Donna Holt says:

there is nothing like sushi made by a black guy named Jerome in a sweatshop in Chicago ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Musicbookoholic says:

I love their cheeseburger dogs and their sandwiches.

SU theKITTY says:

I love sushi om nom nom

maxsonly says:

That shit is nasty. I haven’t seen them at my local 7 eleven. Thank god for that

A says:

Do a blendurrr video with 7-11 sushi. Then temp fate even more by taking the “use by” sticker off, putting it in the fridge, waiting a while, and doing an is it expired video.

Digital Night says:

Okami Sushi is sold at KROGER here in the south usa (Nashville, TN) – I’ve even eaten it on Short Date (1-3 days before expiration.) It’s not special at all. It’s definitely imitation everything through & through.

Notorious Ene says:

Okami sucks ass

Will Weese says:


Night Comfort Theatre says:

7-11 Sushi trumps all risky foods out there IMO. I’d rather prepare and eat blowfish.

Froztarlozt says:

Have you ever… been…..to fucking safeway? or fredmeyers?… I mean.. if not ok. Maybe your safeway or fredmeyers doesn’t have sushi, which would be weird.

Svder_man says:

This is where you fucked up

Kim Love says:

Pffft for $4 I’m buying a weeks worth of PB&J items at dollar tree

Paramount Performance says:

Oh man, nothing about this seems right

Kevin Love says:

Did you get sick?

Laura Tovar says:

4 dollars that’s Like a dollar less then a snow crab roll at a regular sushi place at my fav sushi place they have lunch special 2 simple rolls salad and soup for 8 buck

Blixxa2theRevenge says:

One time, I was driving from Maryland to Arizona with my family & we found a truck stop that sold sushi. An elderly Asian guy was there, and the sushi looked like it was made there. I decided to go for it and let the rest of my family eat crappy truck stop food. I ended up being sick for the entire week we were there plus another week after that. If you’re more than 200 miles from the ocean, just say no.
Love your videos!

lostways27 says:

Once I saw this labeled 7-Eleven Sushi, I had to watch. I remember the burger you reviewed from them a few months ago and it was horrible. Glad you didn’t get sick from this!!

Mehdy Bueno says:

If you don’t like raw fish you don’t like sushi. Bumpkin.

Dylan Perkins says:

did it make u sick ?

DaRkScavenger - VG says:

Normal sushi rolls contain raw fish.

Branden Cardelli says:

You’re a big ninny. You’re worried about getting food poisoning from eating mayonnaise, rice, and heavily processed white fish, rather than half of the gross ass shit you eat on main show. You have a better chance of catching food poisoning in the vicinity of Chris Wreckless’ stank ass.

The1commenterguy says:

You should try the 711 ice cream

Michelle Smith says:

Its old

GunvorPlays says:

Supermarket sushi is a death sentence.

Phillip B says:

Jeez it’s just sushi Matt. Eat the raw fish, forget it’s raw-remember it’s just fish. Go with salmom and wasabi is good. There is little risk involved btw.

eaglesummit 93 says:

I’ve bought cheap store sushi because I don’t want to go out to a restaurant every time I want sushi.

MrKydaman says:

Matt likes sushi, but not that raw fish stuff. He’s a roll queen! lol

Jussi Aumanen says:

>love sushi
>hate raw fish

nuff said…

Dave C says:

I’m new to your channel, have you tried and reviewed the 1/4 pound big bite hot dog? I’ve been a slave to them since 96′! LOL!!!!!

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