Americans Try Sushi For The First Time

“I don’t do slimy.”

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Music: “Fruity Sushi”
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GemIndoGaming says:

Sushi and Sashimi are not same dude!

Limitléss says:

I died when the Blonde girl hated everything and then after the video said “went alot better than I thought it would”

Ryan Yuan says:

I love how every body was like Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!… and the Indian guy was like “its good”

Ameen Kashani says:

How the hell do they not like the salmon. That’s like the best one

Asian Persuasion says:

They shouldve had the dragon roll. Or the california roll. Or shrimp tempura roll.

domdomdrumdrum says:

Should’ve taken these people to a real sushi bar, not some 7-11 platter

ChloCreates says:

I’m surprised they didn’t like it. I tried sushi when I was pretty young and loved it. (Maybe the age of 4 or somewhere near there)

Angeliah says:

whatttt how do people like tuna over salmon?! i love salmon sooooo much

kadence wong says:

They don’t like the sushi?
*pulls out chopsticks

Mushroom Stamp Bandit says:

She said,”I can order something besides egg rolls next time,” Egg rolls are Chinese, Sushi is Japanese….

Samantha Godard says:

Had their salmon gone bad or something?

Pony Lution says:

But salmon is like My Favourite xD

AbsurdAsian says:

you can’t have sushi not at the restaurant… It wont be as fresh

DesiredGamez Gaming,Vlogs And more says:

Tuna and salmon taste the same

madmartian88 says:

They wouldn’t survive in the wild
I would eat the sushi and then I would eat them

Blake du Preez says:

Americans are sooooo nieve


I had sushi 1 hour ago

LazorPie says:

the moment u like salmon the most and all of them say its bad ;_;

Toby Tran says:

Women r picky eaters sheesh

Stiles Kuchiki says:

Try poke!!!

wow dude says:

That blonde women shuld get punch

Assassin Donkey says:

Salmon is so good

Give Me S'more says:

I like salmon nigiri

Telestic says:

The fish is so fresh that it’s edible that’s why it’s not cooked

Bunnyflufffluff baby says:

Sushi is awesome

o h s n a p ! says:

Why is everyone saying their opinion like if it was a fact?

Pepperoni. says:

they ate


milkerfish says:

Wtf salmon Nigri is the best

Hiba Zeroualu says:

i dont like tuna

Hitler Adolf says:


Evan Au says:

Your supposed to mix wasabi with SOY SAUCE!!!!!

Godlike1887 says:

1:21 dat kleek doe

nikeboy88 says:

How do they even know how to use chopsticks

Gaming Simmer says:

I’m American and I love sushi they must be crazy but everyone has there own taste

Eric Li says:

How does she know the taste of muscle without really tasting it?

Ninja -Top says:

Sushi is so fcking good

Tannishtha Mahindru says:

I hate Sushi so much i can’t tolerate the smell of the sea weed

Celaena S says:

Why is the Mexican guy adorable

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