BEST SUSHI ROLLS ♥ My Favourite Birthday Lunch ♥ Bubba Gump, Innisfil & Rainbow

BEST SUSHI ROLLS My Favourite Birthday Lunch Bubba Gump, Innisfil & Rainbow
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Jimin says:

I can’t even eat 2 little sushis lmao

Mike mpetroski says:


Tyler Bonni says:

Japanese consider it bad manners to add the ginger to the sushi it’s meant to be a palate cleanser between pieces

brian dirr says:

happy belated birthday buddy, loved the video, all the sushi looked very tasty. Hope you have a great birthday and many more to come. This is Bdawg out

Ed YT says:

Panda Express logo knock off

Sabu Isaque says:


Bea Cruz says:

My family member owns the J&Y Panda.

Beydanase says:

So im from Germany, and if anyone ever gets to Bavaria, you need to go to Dynasty Chinese Restauraunt in Landshut. They make the *best* Sushi in Germany. Not even kidding.

chodelickin says:

Hey Ken I like the Imitation crab sushi that is chopped up and in like a creamy salad.. Have you ever tried it like that as opposed to the imitation crab stick?

Dave Lister says:

I want some sushi roll fun !

Melon says:

I busted kem domik 😮 he cooks meth and his real name is Walter h. white … also called heisenberg . he has the sams beard like him and has a hairless head 🙁 someone has to call the police guyz …

Dustin Greenlaw says:

When is the uncut and raw version going up

Ethan Maristela says:

Is he alone?

Fritoune says:

0:44 You know it when it’s Wikipedia 😉

Bradley C says:

Forrest Gump

TheReal Kanye says:

Ken it disentangle matter you do you bubu but the best way and traditionally you are not suppose to mix the wasabi on with the sauce you generally want to just almost push the piece of sushi onto the pile of wasabi so you can add the proper among to watch different piece so I’d say try that next time see how you like it.

JoshBTG says:

I mix the soy sauce and the wasabi together and dip it then eat the ginger separately 🙂

ps vita says:

happy birthday Ken

Frank Yu says:

Surprised no one else mentioned the logo is literally a rip off of Panda Express. All people care about here is the ginger lol.

Ben Pache says:

I love to put ginger on the classic sushi roll with avocado and salmon! It gives it that boost which was missing in the roll

taraso63 says:

It’s a steal!

SourGames says:

I always mix some wasabi in with my soy sauce, just enough so that you get that slight burn in your nose lol. Should order some warm sake too!

The Goat says:

I only like California Rolls 🙁

zay and josh wwe says:

happy bday ken

sean says:

why didnt you have lunch with your family ken

Chilledx says:

6/66 o.O

terri binkley says:

ken just found out your a fellow Gemini ,my birthday is the 27th of may ,my husband’s is may 25 ,we are good people love the videos .

Jason Lin says:

I can’t stand pickled ginger and I thought only my dad and I add wasabi to soy sauce

Zachary Majchrzak says:

Happy Birthday Ken I hope you had a great one ! Great videos keep them coming !!

eto's edits says:

You should try Golden Maki, 1100 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8W8. they have really good sushi. I never really liked sushi but when I tried it there I love it

Dragoon4002 says:

Why is your friend not treating you for your birthday?

ZaTara Patterson says:

I like the ginger and hoysin sauce I also like soy sauce

TheThreeGamingLegends says:

Happy late birthday ken

chdreturns says:

Innisville and Bubba Gump look great… If you are ever in Richmond, VA Ken, try out Sushi O… Probably the best sushi in Virginia I usually get the 007, or Dragonfly rolls if their special doesn’t catch my attention.

Daniel Tiemann says:

eat sushi with your hands fool

MJ Moosavizade says:

wow i was born may 4 1996.

Zach Schory says:

Finally made a Youtube account so I can thumbs up now 🙂

Hamad Aldughaither says:

OMG 666

Airsoft Spunky says:

BubbaGump is from forest gump

Graham Ivester says:

Your not supposed to put ginger on the sushi…you eat it in between rolls to cleanse the pallet or eat it after your meal

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