Candy Sushi Review

How many times can I say ‘overall’ in one video? Find out with my first review in nearly 20 months!

This is a review of Candy Sushi from Vat19. Buy it here:

Thanks so much for sticking around guys! Hopefully I can get an unboxing video out in the next few weeks, I’d love to try and revive this channel, as well as try all the new products vat19 has been adding! So stay tuned, more videos are on their way 😍👌🏻


Chriz says:

How long does it ship?

Chloe Goodwin says:

yeah your back

mad wheels says:

Can you review the kanoodle?

ImmaBaked Pototo says:

Ya boi has returned.

youtubesucks says:

I love how you just pop up out of nowhere every few years lol keep it long as you upload..I’ll keep watching. I forsee if 40 years you’ll still be going strong

josephmilsark123 says:

Great review man. I reviewed the large box of candy sushi. Check it out.

Desiree Ran says:


Amarie Zyanne says:

Do the toe of satan challenge please

Lgtniss says:

It’s been a bit

Qu ote says:

Remember watching you since the ferrofluid video.

Jordan Davis says:

Keep it up!

Annabeth Jackson says:

When ever i watch vat 19 you are my go to guy

Derek Aldrich says:

Awesome video on YouTube

Andrew Caudill says:

This is what I subscribed for

Potatoe Flipster says:

Yay you’re back!

Phoenix'sVeryOwn says:

Finally your back

Logan Lockwood says:

Toe of satin challenge!

I Forget My Pants says:

Its been A While!

jammy boy says:

You are back

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