Cheapest Sushi Restaurant in Japan – SUSHIRO Review

Sushiro is one of the cheapest sushi restaurants I’ve ever been to. It’s a conveyor belt sushi restaurant or sushi train in Japan with chains all over Japan. The sushi was not only really fresh and delicious, but it was also some of the cheapest sushi I’ve ever had with some plates costing less than $2 dollars.

We were invited by Sushiro to see a little peek behind the scenes to see how they make their sushi and how they keep it so fresh.

We got to try a bunch of different kinds of sushi, and while I don’t consider myself much of a foodie or food critic, I thought they had some of the best tuna I’ve had at a sushi train.

Sushiro has chains all over Japan, so be sure to check one of them out for some of the most delicious sushi and most inexpensive sashimi you can get!

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Claudiu Oroian says:

I would probably die of starvation in that restaurant , lol. Or with no more money. I eat a lot and what you ordered doesn’t seem too consistent. I noticed you are big dude … how on earth are you not eating 40 sushi rolls? :))

Joshua Jones says:

Sent here by Victor, thumbs up and a sub for you though, awesome video 🙂

Nerfed Bee -TNB says:

I think I was watching a Rachael and Jun video on this restaurant…. and then I wanted to search up for cheapest sushi in Japan because I wanted to know how much salmon nigiri costs

THEDGAMER5651 says:

Yellow plates are wasabi and white plates are none

Connor Gray says:


Scott Ackerman says:

If we get it to 600 eyebrows too?

JHillLife says:

this video is now rank number four for sushi! WHAT!

EV0nITA says:

nice video. I will also watch your other videos.
btw in which city is that shop?


just another guy from the moron army

David Melançon says:

Really good video. Thanks!

I_will_get_you There says:

MoronArmy here, #363likes and subed!!

Hope to see you on more vid’s like these.


Nur Ajeera Roslan says:

Nice vid!

Alex says:

Rest in peace, hair.

jason vorhees says:

I love that wasabi overload

letter G Letter A says:

always like watching this video over and over.

Dustin Long says:

Love your videos bud, so awesome. I am going back to Japan in May and cannot freaking wait. Where is this Sushiro located? Near Shinjuku?

Scott Ackerman says:

If we get it to 600 eyebrows too?

Antonio Paulette says:

I’ll keep this place in mind come my next trip to Tokyo.

Hà mini says:


trekranger says:

Victor mentioned you on his channel. Love it.

A BITAT says:

All hail our king, the commander in chief of the moron army!
Nice video tough, totally worth it.

alphasxsignal says:

You know they don’t throw away the stuff that comes off the line.

iTokyoRob says:

I like the kaitensushi in shinagawa, that one is also super cheap.

Frederick König says:

Victor has recommended your channel – And I subscribed!!

Great video!!!

TkyoSam says:

Gotta say that the short hair really does suit you bro. Fuck to the yes.

Che says:

great video and thumbs up from Victor

Younes BE says:

Blame Victor!

yumeippai529 says:

Victor sent me here! Thumbs up!

jo Casey says:

Victor”s moron army on duty…. Hope you have good clippers…

Quint Rankid says:

Thumbs up from a loyal member of Victor’s Moron Army.

713TEX says:

Thumbs up, from Victor with love.

Reformatt Show says:

yes! dude you have an awesome channel!! I have to step things up 😉

Gimmeaflakeman says:

FOUR MORE!!! 11:40pm, Tuesday night.

Michin Sin says:

You’re going to look weird without eyebrows.
Yep, that is hair in your face D:

pvp says:

these are actually really old lol , we have had them in Australia for 8 years now , and thats nearly all types of restaurants , the food in Japan is really over rated sorry ,10% is good bt 90% is shit and you still have to pay for the crap , you get better food at a 7/11

Kelly Burson says:

Sending some love from Victor’s moron army. I’m glad he shared your channel. Subscribed!

Dan Eggo says:

any one know how you know which table to go to if you dont speak jappanese?

Musashi Marc says:

you will soon going balbd soon doga tv, victor moron army sharing is good i willfolow your channel best to you from montoliolu kebeku canada.Maaku

Nobuta says:

XP Victor sent me

L D says:

This place do they understand English?

Tin Omen says:

do you tip at a place like this?

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