Eating At The Worst Reviewed Sushi Restaurant in my City!! (Found Hair In My Food?!) – 1 STAR SUSHI

Eating At The Worst Reviewed Sushi Restaurant in my City!! (Found Hair In My Food?!) – 1 STAR SUSHI

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Blake Dechent says:

Dude wtf is suno

Peter Beaudette says:


ProGamer 11 says:


Keiran Richburg says:

do going to the worst reviewed toy store in my city like if do

Guest Dang says:

u did not have a hair in your food idk why u tiled that in your video

Hamode Hajjar says:

u already shknowww

Deplorable Bobby The way I see it says:

I can’t believe people eat raw fish. Yuggg!!
DEPLORABLE BOBBY YouTube channel is watching you

Judi Judi says:

2 worst reviewed model home like if anyone agrees

gemmy the object thingy says:

what happend to your 3am videos

Jacob Merriman says:

You should do worse reviewed bank

Pat says:

U already ” shnow” thats getting old

coolkid7 Rosado says:

You already shknow how it is

Master Shrimp says:

It’s not shnow it’s know


I am the 205 liked

Fernando T says:

Can you please switch it up and do like some challenges like if u agree

Sabrina Hogben says:

Love all your YouTube videos

Zane Reul says:

Why do you say actually so much

James Ruggiero says:

I don’t think it’s the worst place because there’s so many people there

Tim Anderson says:

Usually I say Schknow or tell people to not correct the way I say it if they comment on my comment leave a like if you want Ahmed, Filip or Scrubzah to go live again and Ik Ahmed’s video but I didn’t say it Scrubzah video use code Scrubsplay Fortnite players support him as a creator

8 Dimensional Music And More says:

I found a hair on my head!!!!

Twinkie V says:


Dead_Gaming 1360 says:

Good video

ChambeR EKDU- says:

Why do u let us comment on ur Worst reviewed videos but u disable ur comments on do not talk to Siri at 3am

Evan Iacono says:

Notification squad lets go

Judi Judi says:

I love your vids

Adaya Ellison says:

Does Canada have a Arbies?

Bryceroni Vlogs says:

what is the restaurants name

Woan Fung says:

Guess what is the a word

Blake Dechent says:

It’s you should know

BloxiT says:

Love the video man

Victor the amazing says:

Just ask for 100 likes cause you get like 175 or 160

Pirate Playz Gamez says:

videos are always a banger

Jayson Nganga says:

Go to the worst cinema in your city

AhmedMoeTv says:

What Worst Reviewed Place Should I go To Next???

Adaya Ellison says:

If it does then you should do the worst reviewed Arbies

Miles Daugherty says:

I have had Octopus

Guest Dang says:

worst review apple store

Xd_Idlyrusty YT ツ says:

How about you do going to the worst review fitness gym

the joker459 says:

What’s wrong with ur shirt

Ferrnando Valadez says:

Your actually annoying

Hayden Hunt says:

Ahmed moe to next worst reviewed place you should go to to is a bit crazy but go book a flight at the worst reviewed airport please

XxJoBroxX Duda says:

Can you stop with the 5 likes

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