Eating At The Worst Reviewed Sushi Restaurant in my City (Los Angeles)

1 star restaurants have never tasted better…… :O 1 star sushi 🙁
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Julia's content says:

I have arthritis

Tom big says:

Sushi at a buffet=bad idea

Lucas Kucza says:

This is NOT the scoop, guys.

Tyler OMG says:

Anyone see the woman pure staring at 6:32

Thejackhack927 wow/ says:

Bro hair is nothing I see hair in mine and just move it away and yeet it

bluesky says:

Shoutout to my boi PHilpesolotv

nope says:

do an Arby’s review next!! 🙂

Narek Saakyan says:

Be a little more authentic man…you seem like you’re trying too hard. And def getting more credit than you deserve since this wasn’t even your idea and you know that.

GrEeN dUDe says:

First restaurant is a gay and disgusting version of king buffet
(King buffet is one of my favorite places to eat)

Bogden says:

Ungrateful for nit giving credit to Philip

Robert Camacho says:

Still see what you saw in Japan?

The Radioactive Lightning says:

That guy on the left though 6:23

Lucas Pucas says:

Yes I was waiting for another one

Lamboempire says:

6:20 Im not sure if you are aware or not but the woman behind you was looking.

Postcard Malone says:

Now go talk to homeless people and buy them some food like Philip. Oh wait… I forgot you are a money hungry asshole.

Pablo PiCostco says:

Makes music and scoop videos might as well call yourself Philip Solo

Jaii says:

them dumplings dryer than a nuns pussy-

Sheep The Anime Weeb says:

Bro this place is called Asia Buffet this place is really good man idk what Yelp talking about

Now.or. Never says:

9:19 how do you know what snot taste like????

AndoTheBanano says:

I was eating sushi while watching this lol

Tyrell Louis says:

Lady staring at Brennen at 6:24 -7:00

Pablo PiCostco says:

Alright guys heres the plagiarism

Swaggity swurv says:

Lol that lady at 6:30

Isaac K says:

You’re going to get hella salmonella

5secondsofwinter_onedirection says:

Here’s the scoop,this ain’t it

Kya VanDerSluis says:

The mochi part frustrates me.. THAT IS HOW MOCHI ISSSSS.. I’m Japanese so lmao it frustrates me

Taquache Seisnein says:

I liked this guys videos until I realized he was stealing ideas from another YouTuber… that and his friend lisps on his “S” wayyy too hard…

WideWhite1k says:

Fuck you
You idea biting parasite

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