Eating at the Worst Reviewed Sushi Restaurant in my City (Toronto)

Brennan Taylor’s video:
PhilipsoloTV’s video :

Hey guys!!! So in this video we showed y’all the WORST RATED sushi restaurant in Toronto (that we know of) um…it was genuinely the worst food experience ever, but we really enjoyed making this content for you, let us know what we should try next i.e worst rated Chinese food..etc!

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Afric Network says:

MMM…$6.50 lol

Kru Gg says:

Lmao you can see the the name of the restaurant on the menu

Ken Kennedy says:

It was definitely phillipsolo not Taylor

F. A says:

lool so did yall get sick or you guys gucci

muds mac says:

heres the SCOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Planning Galore says:

I loved this video so much. PLEASE do more like this!!!

hali55 says:

If you’re from Toronto it’s not hard to figure out where this place is since they’re clearly in the Queen and Portland area, lol.

Stina Tom says:

This was so entertaining. Hope you didn’t get sick. That salmon sashimi was far from fresh

Alicia Wright says:

You guys always have laughter in your voice! Love watching your channel.

akira today says:

Say your blessing before you eat because food poisoning ain’t no joke

Shanice Galore says:

I lost it when he said “is this a barbershop”… this was so funny, y’all better be careful before you get sick tho omg

Soul Of Ardor says:

Y’all are brave for going there. I don’t think I would have balls for that lol. Love the video ladies. Happy New Year! God bless and protect you in 2019.

Millie Onare says:

Never eat in an empty restaurant, it’s a sign the food is not good, you can get sick.

Breanna Fontenot says:

The worst nail shop??

Salma Omar says:

dyingggggggg lmaooooooooo

Muna says:

i get coldsores pretty often and i swear by putting vicks on it. it kind of burns away the coldsore. 3 days and it’ll be gone!

Simona I says:

where is akelas hat from its so cute!!

Michelle Engelberts says:

Be careful with eaiting raw fish at some places. Especially at places like that. You can get worms all over your body. I’ve been very picky since I’ve heard that.

sweetiepieHK says:

Omgg, aside from the food, Akela your outfit be popping! That brown hat looks so good on you

Ashley Denton says:

Ugh I’m always bothered by the guy you always have in the vlogs or videos.. he seems like he always wants the attention or wants to be in the videos and it seems like he can never pay for his own food lmao.

Kelsey M. says:

They’re dead wrong for adding on prices. Because I’m not Asian I have to pay more?

Pound 4 pound says:

This joint would’ve been funny if your boyfriends was there haha

Melad Jemie says:

I’m from Kitchener and guys are so beautiful

Asha Weise says:

Y’all should do more videos like this

Alyssa R says:

This was funny but pls don’t get sick eating poorly prepared food!❤️❤️❤️

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