Food Reviews with Alabama Boss: Sushi

Redneck and high tech, comedian Alabama Boss delivers a show of entertaining food reviews. In this episode, Alabama Boss tries sushi for the first time.
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Beefalo Bart says:

So your eating bait…. Try em on a hook and catch some dinner.

Ape Town says:

Lol xD, Ps Checkout My Channel ‘Click On My Display Picture

thejewcanoe says:

You gotta get it freshly made!
Buying it from Kroger like that is how people have bad experiences with it.

Get you a deep fried roll! They are great.

old no. 7 says:

boss ,you need to try some “real” made to order sushi rolls not this supermarket shit

Xander Johns says:

my dad calls sushi, bait

Medic 42689 says:

This is garbage sushi

Gregory Heinz says:

why do you eat garbage food.

William Lacey says:

this just makes rated red look ignorant. buying 711 sushi doesn’t count. just looks ignorant again. all the other shows are so good. stop setting it back

Brandon Parker says:

gotta do more food videos

Smosh Hacker says:

stop trying to force a high quality yt channel

coolspot18 says:

You forgot the soya sauce… and it looks like you picked up the box at a supermarket or mall stand.

Also, get some Maki Rolls – you may like em better than Sashimi (raw fish).

mcclanehallenbeck says:

Bro you need to try some actual sushi rolls like a rainbow roll. What you had there looked like deconstructed sushi. There’s some good stuff out there you just gotta find it.

Its Skum Life says:

7-11 Sushi = Bad MmmmK! – secret to good sushi is add 1 ginger strip some wasabi and dip in some soy sauce then eat.

Slaw 185 says:

Nope to all comments. Put that shit in the Fry Daddy and it will fix it.

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