How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

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Coming to you straight from the sushi chef’s mouth, MUNCHIES presents the dos and don’ts of eating sushi, as taught by Tokyo’s Naomichi Yasuda. Be warned: You’ve been doing it wrong.

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snickersblah says:

Beautiful–truly. I watched this vid with my mouth watering, just absolutely daydreaming about those perfect preparations of “Tuna” Nigiri. Than you so much! It is a treat to observe a talented Japanese chef with such integrity and care toward his product. I learned things i truly didn’t know, such as to only touch the fish side of the nigiri sushi to the soy sauce. I wish I could try his original soy sauce and ginger preparations!

TheLegendDani says:

Amateur fish eater… I want that job too

Scrimchaw Ksvd says:

you dip then put in mouth, why all the complication

Vladimir TV says:

When you invite Gordon Ramsay up in there ,

Oh you know what’s coming

“Its fucking raw!!”

Ok ill stop.

H A N A Y O says:


Shawn Gaming says:

Bet you that chef would not have served me sh*t with them fingers looking like that…. AND HE HAD NO GLOVES!! That poor guy eating…

VoiDelusion says:

I’ve been eating it correctly lol

Sally Lemon says:


puppymolly123 says:

I have some minor coordination issues (due to being born premature) so I often look quite silly when eating sushi. It’s very difficult for me but I try my best lol

ienjoyblazing says:

I also read that it is acceptable to eat sushi with hands but not sashimi, good to know considering I can never use the chopsticks right.

Lord Kaiser says:

4:20 *NO shaking* , if shaking , go “finish” in the men’s room…oooh a
*male on male pick up tip*

brandon caleb says:

Did this guy smoke a bowl of indica before shooting?

sprakle ec says:

Sushi taste like shit

satya singh says:

the most over rated dish

Lunar Deity says:

how come I love sushi yet I haven’t eaten one… just wondering

Ank says:

I ate it right lel

Derp Kun says:

title of video: “How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong”

Ines says:

ew this dude

IanTheGamer // ITG says:

I want sushi now

Nathan Tran says:

does it matter how you eat it

•Whezlei • says:

I use my hands to it sushi
Is there anything wrong
With that?

Nextrevo Triple B says:

The question is how to poop sushi

Yukita Kimahara ゆきた きまはら says:

can I show my friends this video by posting it on a social media? Your name is in the video so no worries

Joey De Trinidad says:


party man says:

I eat sushi with a fork

Ambrose Cooke says:

You just put it in your mouth


That is not how you eat sushi! It’s not even real sushi. Real sushi is fish inside, seaweed and then rice outside. Usually drizzled in spicy mayo

David Kumar says:

They lied… I’ve been doing it right

Pleb leb says:

Can You Say Hi for me to Wolverine (Logan)?

price versa says:

Oh shit I thought you had to put it up your ass this whole time wow

Mr Random says:

Subtitles were no help!

Gracie James says:

So you’re telling me I’ve been eating sushi correctly this whole time

jack daniels says:

eating raw fish is dangerous unnatural. revolting and disgusting..

Seth Maskovich says:

And also, DONT FORGET TO CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! people don’t wanna see food rotating inside your mouth.

Sanjay Menzies says:

The chef is awesome…!

Nirina Razafy says:

he’s nails tho………….

monspubis says:

nah…what it gets inside your stomach, it’ll be just the same.

Stoeff1987 says:

Eat however the fuck you want as long as you keep your mouth shut while chewing. How you want me to stop from eating my sushi rolls with a spoon you mad chef.

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