I Tried A Sushi “Bazooka” From Amazon

Come suggest some more sushi for us to make on Nextbeat here!

So I saw this sushi “bazooka” machine on Amazon and thought we had to try it out! It claims to be able to help beginners make perfect sushi rolls with any type of ingredients they want. So we decided to make a classic california roll, a fruit “frushi” roll, and a flaming hot cheeto spicy tuna roll. What do you think? Would you try this?

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Assistant Editor: Ben King

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Shine says:

That’s not how you make sushi or gimbap.

Scar In my heart says:

His mustache was distracting me

Jam Rock says:

Americans have hardcore fucked up Sushi

Democrats are cunts says:

Next time put your hot Cheetos in a Ziploc bag and roll a can or rolling pin over them.

peyton&marshall !!! says:

EWWWWW you do know that sushi is raw fish right?! DISGUSTING!!!!!!

Helen Sae says:

It’s way easier doing the Rolling yourself

Karley North says:


Dylan Cuthbert says:

I wanna make a furshi!!!!

Tara Ewing says:


Revalea Maliha says:

am i the only one who thought this was safiya’s channel?

Super Kid says:

eating sushi like a burrito. in japan these are called eho maki or norimaki

Slynx Smith says:

time to shave that bum fluff of a stache, off…

Andrea Pantling says:

When saf said to Tyler “did you put the fruit roll up on the inside” and Tyler said “yeh yeh” he sounded so much like joey from friends

Gamer senpai Luma says:

Sushi.. The world’s most unique difficulty

Thomas DankEngine says:

You forgot the seaweed dumbass and you have seaweed before the rice dick head

zoobiewa says:

Why would you cut on a glass plate!?!?

Neonz says:

I’m allergic to avacado……

Belen Valdovinos says:

Shave plz

Tyler Williams says:

hello there!! i’ve wanted to try my hand at sushi making for a while now and finally got around to it… what do you think of our attempts? would you try this machine? and, if you want to come suggest some sushi for us to make the nextbeat link is here! https://nextbeat.co/r/GQXM/1

Arik Gilbert says:

Now I want flamin’ hot cheetos

Troll Yoll says:

Your a sushi bazoka

ナデコ BOT says:

omg what the fuck?? why did u not wash it before using it?

Natalia Economou says:

No mustache… looks weird

Lps Sherlyn says:

Mix it alllll together

Zoi Andersen says:

*Doesn’t like sushi*

*Watches anyway*

Alyssa Boone says:

making sushi is actually really easy but next time u make it ur suppose to actually wet the nori to make it stick to the rice and it well help make it look better. I think making sushi might be easier the traditional way but then again I know how to do it that way already

DarkRubberDucky says:

I just about cried when he started crushing Cheetos with his fist.

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