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I went to the worst and best rated sushi restaurants in my city! I saw some VERY strong reviews about both extremes and we go experience both. Come with me to a random Asian buffet and to Nobu Malibu and let’s eat some sushi!!!! I vlog everything and compare and contrast 1 star and 5 star food. Let me know what you think of both places in the comments section down below

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malibu nights says:

nobu is crowded, loud, and the waiters aren’t attentive – but they’re all v nice! i spent $400 there and still left to get cheeseburgers after lol. the hype is not worth it!!!!!!!

Bret Paasma says:

They don’t ship these vitamins to Europe 🙁 🙁

Erika Sanchez says:

Does she have to eat with her hands, can she like use chopsticks or even a fork at least

Sydney Hoffman says:

Not sure if ever use self tanner but if you do you should do a video about which brand you like and tips and tricks for cheap 🙂

not kaitlyn says:

The problem with these videos is that people go into in knowing that the food is gonna be bad . So they think everything is worse than it is

gabi says:

this is off topic but u look so good in this video wtf

Alayna Rebello says:

Is it just me or she low key looks like Kylie Jenner?

rachel tamara says:

come to vancouver if you want good sushi for cheap like $3.50 a roll like seriously i hate eating sushi in other places cause there “best sushi” is average vancouver sushi and its always 3x the price

Anastasia August says:

Here she goes again trying to be the cliche la YouTuber with those lumpy lip filler, saying LITERALLY every other word, filming stupid YouTube worst rated restaurant trend ugh…she tries too hard to be relevant

Karoliina Koskinen says:

Why are you really shakey? Are you ok?

Macnastyyyy says:

Girl you gotta be careful out here catching dat food poisoning!!! Oooh girl I would have PTSD lmao

Lee Jing says:


anezia says:

“I’ve stopped overlining my lips and my life has been so much better” *still overlines lips

Catalina Sabbadini says:

omg i love the hairstyle youre delivering besides the amazing video you brought, love u❣️❣️❣️

Lore Reyes says:

It is not good for you to take vitamins if your doctor didn’t prescribed it

hopelesscindy says:

those asian buffets are very common and people usually go to those types of places when you’re traveling/on the road and need something on a budget! the workers only refill the trays of food when there’s not a lot left so that’s why most of the food is not “fresh” but when i go to buffet places i always see people making sushi on the spot so that should be pretty fresh!! i basically grew up eating from those places so those conditions were really common for me minus the roaches, that’s definitely gross

Alexis Mary Elizabeth says:

Makeup tutorial please

Tina Belcher says:

Omg hell nah. I’ll take my chances with the roaches.


Maralyn Brown says:

I like how she keeps on saying “im sure you know Nobu” like girl no we aren’t rich we live thru you rich folks lol

SimplyGaby says:

It was nice to hear that even though it was super nice, you thought it was pricey. I like the honesty. ❤️

Lillie Bauer says:

love how this is just an excuse to go to nobu

Bailey Agulia says:

Sushi queen

cate foxx says:

you & tana mongeau both our here risking it all for the viewers lmaooooo

kelly thompson says:

I always wait to like a video until it makes me laugh or there is a genuine moment in like okay like disssss but for u I like it right away bc u just slay girl loving ur chanel

Hannah Hollingham says:

I’ve been wanting to go to Nobu!! My roommates dad is the head chef there☺️

andra gabriela says:

i went to nobu in nyc for a friend’s birthday a few years ago and it was honestly one of the best meals ive ever had but the portions were pretty small haha maybe it’s cuz we were sharing it between like 7 people lol the bill came out to like $500 whew it was also really dark in there for some reason

Mel Ortega says:

Don’t get it twisted , I love your videos so so so much , but i don’t like this kind of videos cuz they’re like so cliche, we already know the expensive place is gonna win in ALL of them.

Ellen says:

don’t take those vitamins! just go to ur doctor and get a blood test to see what you need!

Gigi The Waitress says:

The first restaurant didn’t look completelllly tragic. Just super basic and nothing special.

Michelle Nicole says:

Do u have a fake Id?

Danielle Rivera says:

I like these kinds of videos because you really show it all and get super detailed with prices and video. Subscribing!!!!

Fortune VIII says:

God Idk how I care across this dizzy bitch “like omg Kardashians are life” so cool. No one cares honey bubu

Tuğçe Kılıç says:

You r getting more beautiful day by day ❤️

Amy Sirois says:

Less talking, more showing please.

Stunna Xoxoo says:

Did she get something to her face done or is her thumbnail just rlly face tuned?

oh no sis. says:

y’all really tryna die

Pupperdilla2017 says:

Where is the apartment tour video at thoooo

marlee june says:

that low rated sushi place is fancier and nicer than any sushi place by me lol

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