Indians try Sushi for the first time

Japanese cuisine is known for its exquisite presentation and exotic flavours, eaten with a whole different set of etiquettes. 🍜

We brought in 8 indian people to test their desi tastebuds on the Japanese cuisine 🍣, alien to our spice loving country.

P.S: No humans were physically harmed in the making of this video, though the same can’t be said about their mental well being.

All sort of feedback is welcome.

Bon a pettite 🍴


Benjamin Sam says:

Freaking brats!!! So annoyed!! Bas 4 bande sahi attitude rakhe…baki sale spoiled runts!

Eiag2ha says:

How about korean food? If compared it had very little spice and sweetness than this. And also korean cuisine is very much in trend right now.

sudhir chandra says:

The man with cap was disgusting

Naaz Anwar says:

Awesome Reactions Brothers

prathik aksi says:

acting like bunch of pussies

Chinmay C says:

Next time add some diversity and add females!

chaitra 555 says:

I am reading the comment section, scrolling and scrolling, but can’t see one japanese comment.

kalps says:

All men

trixlove angel says:

Okay so I can understand if somebody doesn’t like some stuff and gives and opinion but IT HAS TO BE SUBTLY PRESENTED . Like I have no Idea why would they react like that . I know its their first time trying RAW FISH but they could have actually shown this dislike little carefully . I know they had to give honest opinion but doesn’t mean you straight away show dislike directly . I know lot of comments said about it being their first time and how other people react to Indian food same way but it’s not tit for tat . Its about showing little respect for other cultures.

Blastingblue Alex says:

I love sushi !!!!!

Gaurav Mishra says:

Good genuine reaction

Sk Abdul Manan says:

Pakistan also try wasabi first time

Cll Cccc says:

Japanese no wonder why they look so young n fair fresh n glowing
And slim n trim
The comment is from India

Mariel Pinto says:

Any bts fans

kakek shugyono says:

apache or sioux ???

Kitzkevin Kitzkevin says:

Indian people are slavesfucking rapist,,always shit in the public,no toilets,3 world country, smelly black Indians……ewww

Jonathan says:

Probably the food is too clean for their tastebuds.

Edward Lorn says:

The dude with the mustache is a cartoon. Has to be.

Dharani says:

Those commenting about boys attitude n stuff have you seen other foreigners trying Indian snacks , food n all and commenting like bad things so oily, so sugar, so carbohydrates nd what not. These people are far better. They said what they felt .

Stupefy! says:

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Mahi Rajawat says:

For indians….who have spent like their entire life eating…..not just cooked…but FRIED….LIKE REALLY DEEP FRIEND IN OIL FOOD…….this reaction is soo obvious if you make them eat ANYTHING un/undercooked……..

Dream Chaser says:

Camel morons

Christian ChimChim says:

I dont care how many people like it.i cant eat raw fish for life

Ratan Shetty says:

Guy in grey sweatshirt is an ultimate illiterate.. No one knows how to react without making fun of food.. Respect others culture and their food. Every country has their own way of cooking food. You should at least hv manners while passing comments

Original Pubg says:

Need to be more respectful

Aarshi Kumar says:

Wasabi fckkk

Vatsal Sanwaria says:

Chole bhature walon ko sushi kyon khila di!

Annmary Varghese says:

Hai plz make a vedio on trying kerala food…

pinky yanna says:

they’re all cute lol

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