Japanese Train FOOD REVIEW – Sushi and Bentos | Traveling Tokyo to Hakone, Japan!

Food is one of the best reasons to take a Japanese train trip!
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When we were visiting Tokyo, my wife and I decided to take a short trip for a night to Hakone, a well known mountainous area, home to hot springs and Japanese traditional inns. We took the train from Shinjuku in Tokyo straight to Hakone-Yumoto Station within the town.

When you take a train in Japan, you are encouraged to eat, and so we stocked up on a few essentials before boarding.

Train trip rice – 2,050 JPY ($17.96) per person

Fish bento – 880 JPY ($7.71)
Beef bento – 1,150 JPY ($10.08)
Kansai sushi – 950 JPY ($8.32)
Katsu rice burger – 223 JPY ($1.95)

Don’t forget to eat some awesome Japanese food when you take a train in Japan.

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Sempi10 says:

Freeze at 10:52…worth the price of admission.

Rany Anjani says:

i usually see your video in the mark wiens channel.. but i just found another different channel about your same kind of journey.. i dont understand

PHOENIX. says:

7:46 expectation vs reality

Rexo164 says:

The torture of Micah watching his dad eat a f*ck ton of food in front of him.

Jane. Smith says:

I am addicted to your videos…

hungryThaim says:

Price of those bento seem like a rip off for so little meat.

Chris L says:

japanese food can be real boring with bland flavours. Still better than the average train food though, but i’ll pass

thagoodstuff777 says:

Was any of that refrigerated?

Dorene Bonafilia says:

Nothing better than having nice food to nibble on a long ride.

Hibino Tsubaki says:

I love your videos and the fact that you have always a smile for us viewers! Have a safe trip!

Apriwin Pangaribuan says:

I just hope nothing bad happen to your baby.
I mean you guys travel a lot


Enjoying Food While Watching Mark Wiens Video <3 it makes me Think That What your Eating,Same goes For me Hahahaja

Bliibt Gheim says:

I hate it when he shakes his head and says: hmm, oh yeah.

amygmei says:

May I ask exactly where did you put the luggage on the train? I see you fit your backpack on the overheard. Would you say a check-in sized luggage would fit as well? My friends and I are doing this exact trip and we’re each carrying a check-in luggage (not the big ones but they’re surely not carry-on size).

David Chiao says:

Ask the store to heat up the bentos for you. Most of the store will do that with a microwave.

B Bee says:

Enjoyed your video, love food and culture videos. Pay attention to how to do family travel and places to go as a family as well, for the parent crowd. Great job

CJ Etherington says:

thank you for showing this, its giving me alot of ideas on what to work with my sea weed wraps

planesrift says:

I don’t really think they eat hot bendos.

steven xin says:

bento shops will be in large stations, and probably bento vending machines in smaller stations, but there’re not really many vending machines for bento

Loya Moya says:

Mark does ur wife eats? I don’t see her eating in ur vid whilte ur are happily enjoying your food

JAYA nice day says:

The Sushi Bento you had is a different type of Sushi from the usual one that most people outside of Japan know. The Sushi that most people outside of Japan know is the one called “Edo Mae Sushi” which came from the Edo (now Tokyo) area. The Sushi you had in the Bento is called “Oshi Sushi” or pressed sushi. It is more traditional and originated in the Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka) area. As you know, the Sushi was traditionally done to preserved the fish when refrigeration was not yet invented. So the fish and rice were preserved in vinegar. That is why you find the Oshi Sushi to be stronger in Vinegar and Salt. As your lunch was a Bento for traveling, it is often Oshi Sushi so that it can preserve and withstand the travel without spoiling. The most traditional Sushi is one called “Funa Sushi” which was where the fish was fermented using the rice. The Rice fermented to make Alcohol and that fermented and kept the fish from spoiling. Funa Sushi as you can imagine is an acquired taste and many do not like the fermented flavor.

Anyway, I am enjoying your videos a lot. Thanks for posting.

fireheart says:

I love how this guy just smiles 24/7

LPS Kara says:

Did ya give any to ya wife ??

Tesa Freeman says:

i love your videos! and Micah is so well behaved i never hear him fuss or cry. my kids would drive me insane travelling as much as you and Ying do lol

Healing Lily says:

pretty sure they’d have heated it for you if you ask……. o;………….

Barbara McRae says:

Funny you got your snacks before the train, only to have the train have the same meal you bought for your family. lol Love Love it, from canada

ladyshkspre says:

You’re CRAZY to travel this much with a little baby but I love you for it. Keep making these videos, you’re the best!

Zoe H says:

Wow that backpack is half my height

Leon Lalo says:


CR 7 says:


john o says:

There’s something about you carrying that massive heavy looking bag around for a little baby which makes me appreciate parents.. Love your videos btw

domeskeetz says:

my god I wouldn’t last long in japan lol

emma collado says:

i lovevmicah

Paris Chanthavisouk says:

WTF is MAY-NASE? Sounds like some sort of fucked up nasal spray.

perfectsimplelife says:

what is food for your wife? you tried everything first?

laatko bhoot says:

I don’t even know this guy but no idea why I hate him. maybe it’s the organsm he gets by eating nuts

doctorletsplay says:

3:28 her smile made me smile x3 😀

Sudipto Chakraborty says:

Ying is a wonderful lady..She looks so supportive.. Seriously Mica and you are very lucky to have such a lovely wife.. Kudos to women power!!! God bless you all

digitaltissue says:

This was a nice insight into the food-to-go. Thank you!

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