Master Sushi Chef Makes Sushi Candy

Watch this sushi master make a beautiful sushi plate using this incredible DIY sushi candy kit! Get the sushi candy kit here!


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Umi by Hamasaku
Yoya Takahashi


Michelle Durant says:

3:25 why man why you walk past

Royce Sann says:


hanh duong ngoc tran says:

lol he still keeps the integrity of making sushi!!!!

Blossom Cupcake PepperDoodleVonYumYum says:

*s o s c i e n c e*

Lauren Tillapaugh says:

I couldn’t stop laughing when he told the eggs to not be sad

Jasmine Lee says:

So cuuuute

Zaynab H says:

*so science*

Amy Hanna says:

He is adorable.soft hours with Yoya Takahashi is open

TheOtakuTheKawaii TheAsianTheAnime says:

3:49 “C’mon eggs, don’t be sad :(” Aww he’s so cute

LudicrousTuber says:

Producer sounded kind of rude

Krystle D'Aquino says:

I made this exact candy sushi with my sorority big <3 so cute

lullabys_nightmare says:

This dude is amazing ahahahah

-Frog - says:

So wholesome

♡ジミンだいすき♡ says:


little unsteady says:

This is so wholesome

Crybby Y says:


Courtney Michelle says:

“wow so science”

rylee g says:


Guren Guren says:

I wanna be like him

S O O N A says:

His accent is so cute!!

Diamond Cherry says:

He’s so awesome

Amanda Pusateri says:

why do they keep calling the popin cooking kits “impossible” they are soooo easy to make

Royce Sann says:

3:21 oh god, the wiggle of happiness

Royce Sann says:

“dont be sad :(“

Adelina Blaise says:

Impossible sushi candy? I make this like once every, like, 2 months maybe with my friend. It is definitely not impossible.

GLGM says:

its like watching my grandfather trying to figure out my phone

nashxy lach says:

*Is that funny?*

notorious alien says:

aww he’s so cute XD i wish i had a grandpa like this

Toast says:

Come on egg, don’t be sad

Dank Meme says:

The thing is, he’s having so much fun.

Morgan Brown says:

Impossible sushi? That kit is for kids its not hard wtf

SailorSerenitySaturn says:

He has a smiley face tattooed on his hand lmao

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