Master Sushi Chef “Noz” Wants to Transport His Diners to Japan — Omakase

Manhattan newcomer Sushi Noz is quickly becoming one of the city’s premiere sushi counters.

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Marin Remy says:

this was so beautiful

BeyonD IN says:

Just the passion of the chef is inspiring enough.

Disclaimer Warning – Avoid Watching these videos after midnight. Can result in extreme food craving and sometimes starvation 😀

Jayffee Fernandez says:

Japanese always proved that less is more

Ryan Wade says:

They should serve fried cod sounds. Delicious!

alejandro márquez says:

Wow…. super pro..

Molly Holland says:

interesting job

ChaoPro says:

How old is he? Can someone really become a master at his 20s?

Richie Termp says:

I wonder if they are doing all you can eat?

Petr Fritsch says:

400 years ago, Edo period and he swinging with that thing like it’s nothing.

CLARA3952 koss says:

very beautiful

Connetification says:

This man’s passion makes me think about my life.

今日のワンコはエリック says:


Tanmay Chandak says:

Yukihira souma!

Cauli Flower says:

This man exist~i mean~this type! So neat & good looking. Not to mention his talent. I might sit there, watching his every single moves (>()<)

fariz ascariz says:

did that tentacle moving on it’s own or because it’s hanging?

PegiASMR says:


Rashidkabir says:

song of 6:21 , and 9:12 please ! <3

Ivan Huang says:

One dish is one bite, also costs like 50$ probably

yijunlin says:

I will never be worthy of a meal like this!

NTH THN says:

woah 😮

Sergey Vyrodov says:

Every touch is made whit love!

Jay moparrt says:

I’d put that octopus in the massaging chair for an hr.

Abhishek Suresh says:


yaoyao38 says:


Oner One says:

I find this chef very humble

Max Nguyen says:

Dude are you as hard as I am right now?

mayank pokhriyal says:

Man the amount of water you wasted in cleaning is huge !!!

coco momo says:

여태 본 어느 음식 관련 영상보다 진지하며 스타일리쉬하고 명확하다

zog noty says:

jews-york most disgusting place on earth

Matthew Abraham says:

The last Airbender

Massimo Gigante says:

it is all about Wood + Knife + Fish

its Jun says:

He really respect the fresh produce that he use, spending so much time and effort on 1 single step.
If I had the money, i’ll definitely go for a try.

Mustafa says:

Wow…just speechless

GFkilla17 says:

I hate everything corporate and love everything by craftsmen

10 Subcribers Without Videos says:

Tasty? Anybody..?

Brian J Malmsteen says:

Kinda feel like I’ve only been eating trash level sushi now…

tom Robert says:

How many people u think didnt notice how he cut the octopus?

Se Lat says:

his hands are so pretty

The Overlord Girl says:

These Omakase videos are literally my life. <3

Curry T says:

Stop using your hands all the time!

Adelina Graichen says:

Our Japanese cuisine focus on more quality ingredients, detailed decoration and aestethic performance than on variety and taste of the food itself. If you often eat omakase and high quality sushi, you get bored. It is different in Thai or Chinese cuisine. But it is still very impressive!!

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