Moji Sushi (From Walmart) Taste Test

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T Patt says:

Yo Chris you never did a final bulk update can we get a physique update?

Edwin Paz says:

More tony !!!!!

Esteban Duarte says:

Do a video talking about being sore? and is soreness an indication of a good workout

Irene Hernandez says:

finally a review from someone who knows sushi!!

Kenny Zong says:

ginger is actually meant to cleanse the palette before you move on to the next sushi roll! the more u know

Jeremy Niewinski says:

I was gonna get some one day at walmart but I didn’t. I’m gonna give it a try now.

C T says:

Am still waiting to hear from you Chris since last year, wow Brooklyn Fitness Latina

supa dupa says:

man i wished they’d put up nutrition facts for sushi here in euro.

Divyen Joshi says:

Yo Chris love the vids, if you reply to this it will make my day.

FlamingoPlayGames says:

I fuck wit tony, cool dude

JImmy Brungis says:

he Chris are you going to collab with Jason Bloho? or do a commentary on him and stolen valor?

Cheyenne Holder says:

I love moji spicy crab rolls personally.

Blueprint Aesthetics says:

Check me out chris. Natural just turned 23 ; trying my best to get out there

C Satch says:

Hey Chris,

I am native Texan.  I
know you did a video on all the supplements you were taken months ago. Can you
do a recent video while you are cutting about what supplements you are taken
now.  Plus, calorie, fat, protein, and
carb count.

Very Respectully,


Johnta Ford says:

When I first found out about you I saw you on the POG channel a few weeks ago and been hitting the gym for a little over 2 months now I started doing you high volume high intense workouts getting stronger and bigger quick af but the main reason why I continue watching is because I see the grind in all levels you set the bar for me and hopefully everyone out there to get fit look better get confidence go travel stop being a B*itch ass N*gga or “hippe Mf” and I appreciate it but in all I love the grind I love seeing the bottom and climbing to the top the process is beautiful. I hope you can give us some mental knowledge on your hustle how to grind and keep motivate financially and in other aspects. Appreciate you keep going beast mode on these B*tches

mensa517 says:

dafck…I lived in Japan for a year and never heard of nor saw a creme cheese sushi roll—that’ some american hippie shyt..

Donovan James says:

well it seems like the Wal-Mart sushi is better than gas station sushi

Lean Doughnut says:

Little Tony is doing his thing.

Peter Alvarez says:

Vince G Unit

wallstthug says:

Starter sushi lol Deess funny af ,please do more commentary

Executive says:

Sushi is the trizuth.

Alex Barclay says:

Your suppose to eat sushi with your fingers

TheTrw20 says:

Man, I see that you using a different protein other than mark’s mts whey. Is there a reason or what? jw.

Nick Zelfine says:

Need to come down to Austin Chris, endless sushi for 25$!

Clifford Latham says:

I don’t know if you read this stuff R not, but I’m already subscribed to your account, wasn’t looking through your videos I went through Google 2 C about this moji sushi the shrimp in paradise one, pop on the video part n the first thing that pops up is you, I’m like pump chasers, my nigga hahaha wow keep doing it bru.

0legacyking0 says:

What happened to physiquesofgreatness?

450rmack says:

They got that good sushi at the Piggly Wiggly now. Lol. I know ya’ll got them Pig’s down nere in Texas. It’s actually really good sushi. I just hope they can stick around bc I’m not sure there’s many sushi eaters that shop at The Pig.

Jeremy Nelson says:

Tony is a disgrace not knowing how to use chopsticks smh!!!

AlxhaGadol says:

I trust little Tony opinion, he kind of looks like an expert of the Sushi

chainzishthemighty says:

the rice is a little hard for my tastes but to each his own.

Lars Mars says:

Keep Tony in the videos, man! Especially in the workout vids. That kid will make some mad gainzz

Steve Chavez says:

Don’t forget to like my shiiiiiiit…

wakawaka545 says:

A HodgeTwins Chris Jones Collab would be AMAZING

Briana Belton says:

I’m about to buy all this shit. My Wal-Mart just got sushi and I’m fucking excited.

Alex Bishop says:

He said oooooo when he read the protein lolol

LightninStar13 says:

Chris I need a green performance shirt and some purple gym shorts man. I wanna look like the Hulk out this bitch

Rabizmo says:

Chris Jones has the best taste test videos in the game

Dakota Miller says:

I want to get some joggers when they restock but idk what size to get. I’m 6’3

Rafael Gonzalez says:

know I want some sushi

Alpha Mentality Fitness says:

In Spanish, j’s are h’s n’ shit. Couldn’t have said it better myself Señor Hones.

Dennis Vandam says:

Where u been !!! I missed you!!!!!

David Alekhuogie says:

sushi is so easy. trust me. then when you make it you can season it up how u want put whatever kind of fillings. honestly u don’t even need the bamboo roller thing just a towl and the nori. Also the nori is a sea veggie. which is super good for you. you can season up the rice with sweet rice wine vinegar that’s what the restaurants do. substitute brown rice or quinoa to make it more macro friendly. just look up how to make sushi rice. making sushi is all about perfecting the rice. after u figure out the rice. then its the rolling which really isn’t hard. it will take u a couple tries to get it. i think if you make it yourself you can bring it over into G.A.F territory easy. just experiment.

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