Non-Seafood Sushi & Sushi for Beginners! [Taste Test & Review]

Thanks for watching and listening to us ramble! This video is for the non-adventurous eaters (like Abi :P) who are worried about food options in Japan. If you have any food allergies or restrictions please directly ask the staff at restaurant/shops you visit 🙂 We are happy to try and answer questions though so leave them in the comments down below! 😀

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lIJasonlI says:

It’s good~

ringringring says:

I dont grow up with natto but i like it, and my family too ^^” am I weird 😛

Natasha Toth says:

I live off of spicy tuna avocado and Inari ♡♡

Basic Avocado says:

I really love raw sushi~ I have grown to love the natural flavors of the fish ♡

dazedcrafter says:

all those sushi looks so good! the only one i probably wouldn’t try is the spicy roll cuz i’m weak sauce and can’t handle the burn. also, A+ editing! I don’t know why but all the texts you had input into the beginning of the video that was floating around/in front of Mr.Panda was hilarious

Lorien's Lunch Box says:

Thanks for watching! Do you like seafood or not really?

Nguyen Jan says:

i love abii’s voice :’D

angeloflifelight says:

I don’t like to see my seafood D:

RandomlyBeautiful13 says:

Avocado sushi is life. I’m a vegetarian and I’m so worried about visiting Japan. It doesn’t seem very vegetarian friendly over there. :/

shimmerbrite says:

I’m vegan and I had a really hard time trying to find food to eat. In the end I had to revert back to an omnivore diet while there. But that’s ok.

ms hmeecill says:

I’ve tried natto. Conveniently, they sell these in packs at my local Japanese grocery. (We have two in San Francisco, yay.). I TRIED (really really tried) to like it but the beans are kinda bitter. I don’t mind the smell though. Is natto supposed to be bitter?

My favorite is unagi nigiri. Salmon is good too. The one that i’m trying to get used to is maguro because it has a stronger fishy smell than salmon.

duhitzcorbyn says:

My family loves sushi, so every since I was small I loved sushi… I also love Seafood! As a child family get togethers meant sushi, seafood and lots of candy

LadyLauboZ says:

great video!, i don’t really like fish or seafood of any kind , but I think i would give most of these ago, good to know for when i one day visit japan ,I like any kind of chicken sushi or vegy sushi, i like fried shrimp sushi too , i like the fryed tofu rice thing also( can’t remember the name). 🙂

Mabel Story says:

My fav is chuka idako <3 <3 <3
But i eat my sushi without wasabi i weird? XD

Sasukio10 says:

okay I might be weird but I don’t mind shirako but if I’m picking favourites then コンビニ 納豆巻

Hannah Linton says:

I love tuna and cali roll plzzzz do a draw my life #drawourlife

Lizity626 says:

I love Eel, spicy tuna, and abalone! Though I’ve tried just about everything that american sushi restaurants offer. I’m one of those people that will try something at least once.

Lady Hellscythe says:

I hate seafood! cannot stand it so it always put me off trying it, recently my partner got me to try a teriyaki chicken sushi roll, I was very put off because of the seaweed smelling like the ocean.. But I was told that it doesn’t taste like how it smells, so I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised at the taste! I’m still not used to it, but I will love to eat more sushi and get used to the flavour! maybe then, when I’m brave enough, I can try raw fish! 😀 Great video, I would love to give the Kalbi sushi a taste, it looks delicious! Love from Australia <3 ^_^

Brittany Berlen says:

Do they have sushi without the seaweed?

monica perez says:

i just had sushi today lol love it

Shatha J says:

You’re so cute, Abi! It’s nice to see you on screen after so long 🙂

Cutieholic says:

This is so funny XD I was actually just eating sushi. There’s a new brand that started to make boxes of sushi where I live and I bought one the other day.

pinkyaria says:

Great video! 🙂 When I was younger, I’ve had mixed feelings with seafood. I wasn’t a big fan of things like plain fish fillets like cod due to the smell… I’ve grown to love seafood thanks to sushi as I got older, so as long as a fillet has a lemon wedge on the side and it’s seasoned well, I’ll eat it now haha

As far as sushi goes, I’ve always liked spicy shrimp tempura, avocado, California, and Dynamite (it’s a Western-style sushi, but where I get it from in the U.S., it consists of spicy salmon and crab with avocado, masago, and tempura bits) rolls. I’m tempted to try ikura and uni sushi next, just to step out of my comfort zone. 😀 It’s a dream of mine to visit Japan, so I do hope I can visit a couple sushi restaurants!

belaralia says:

It took me eight tries before I acquired the taste for natto. The texture was very off putting. However, I love it now!
Not a fan of natto rolls though.

Shirosan In Japan says:

I miss kaitenzushi!
My favourite are the corn and mayo and then the aburi salmon nigiri 😀

Amy He says:

What I dislike about sushi is unfortunately the rice. I dislike the flavored rice so much XD So I only like unagi or spicy mayo or something like that that drowns out the flavor of the rice.

SnowyoldTV says:

where did you guys get these sushi from? Uobei?

Bel Ban says:

Abi, thanks for the language lesson! now im off to say itadakimas! because im so hungry!! 😀

Disney Duck Enthusiast says:

I love sushi, particularly salmon and I love it with avocado! Not a huge fan of cucumber, though, I’ve learned to equate the smell with hand lotion so it just tastes funny now. XP I want to try that tuna mayo idea, that looks delicious.

tingyen7 says:

I like everything!!! Ellie likes tuna. I prefer salmon. XP

ElfWarriorTariRupel says:

Tako, shrimp, yellow tail, and unagi are all my favorite types of sushi!

TVe says:


Imane Achiq says:

please do more videos like this one ♡

alia fnd says:

I have a question, if any food from Japan contained gelatin, are they in majority most likely from pig ? Thanks 🙂

bcgrote says:

Avocado or veggie rolls are great, and Spam musubi is oddly yummy!
I didn’t like sushi because the places that had it smelled fishy and gross. I’ve learned that the fishy smell means the fish is going bad! If you smell that smell, turn around and leave that place!
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to like cooked seafood, but also can no longer have shellfish. But there are still some sushis that I would love to try, the kinds we don’t get here like roe or eel. And I’m even game to try natto!

Laynie Fingers says:

I *LOVE* sushi… it’s a favorite of mine. I like the crunchy roll, which might be an American thing. Depending on where you go, it will have tempura flakes, crab or shrimp, avocado, maybe some cucumber, and eel sauce on top. It’s so good!

Since I live in South Louisiana, there are often cajun-themed remixes of sushi, which is weird but tasty. But I like the simple stuff… the rice and nor are so tasty, why overwhelm it with heavy cajun stuff!

Erin Keiko says:

Ahhh, I love sushiii. I miss going to kaitensushi with my boyfriend when we were in Japan. My favorite is saba, and his is salmon, and we always fight over which one is better.
(It’s obviously saba.)

Luminae says:

What was on top of the prosciutto? 😮 I never thought of prosciutto being paired with rice!

Cierra andPeyton says:

Yayy abi! I love when you come into the video, Mr.Pandas face is great but we rarely get to see you anymore!! ❤️

Mary Ramsey says:

my fav sushi is tobiko my least fav is the baby octopus sushi. the one where the octopus are the size of the top part of a finger. They give me the creeps. but my husband orders them just to freak me out. One time he bit in to one and an octopus fell off, on to my leg. I screamed- for real.

charlene chua says:

I love salmon sushi too!

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