Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan. We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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maskdanger says:

Japanese and Indian food are the only food that made me cry from happiness =)

MaKe LiKe says:

The girl looks like trans…

SeJong Lee says:

생긴 거 보소 ㅋㅋ맛있는 스시 먹으러 갔는데 표정이 왜 그러냐 ㅋㅋ입맛 다 떨어졌다

Ndizzle07 says:

Is that joji?

dan C says:

the blonde guy remainds me of the guy from “there’s somethign about mary”

Ikhsan Madjid says:

You must try Nasi Padang from indonesia,, all food in Padang Restourant, there is Rendang Number one food delicious in the world and UNESCO

b.h.t hip hop says:

This is a awsome chef

No.0721響 says:


Sandy LaFuze says:

Have enjoyed your videos for many years. I recently went to my local cheap and affordable sushi place alone. They had some new flavors. There was one that was so amazing, like a parade of flavors in my mouth, I wanted to run around the restaurant and tell everyone they MUST order it. I held back, but soooooo goood! If I were there with someone, I’m certain I’d be making the same faces and mmmmm sounds!

Nicholas Kay says:

Why are they all bald

じーたん says:


Sryder says:

Joji was there too

Nuno Marques says:

How much would a meal like this one cost?


I have never ate sushi.

Mc.Cringle says:

I’m so confused in a really bad way

Remote Logic says:

Love the video. Jealous of the opportunity to eat art. But , Misophonia is real…..

Midnite Reveries says:

I bet you his employees are all forced to trim all their hair off.

くるぞーまつもRh says:

私は日本人なので 英語は上手ではないのですが 英語でコメントさせてもらいます
I’m Japanese.I can’t speak or write in English well.But I will write.
Actually Japanese people doesn’t usually go professional sushi restaurant.For example like SAITO
I have never been to expensive sushi restaurants.But now I could feel and think professional sushi through watching this movie.Actually I want you to eat sushi with soy sauce.Soy sauce change the tastes better and better.But this movie is the best sushi movie in the world I have watched!!!!
That’s is amazing!! Sorry my vocabulary is weak.But it’s is perfect!!!
I respect you. Thank you !!

M Kamali says:

Is only Fukkkkkking food what is all this non senses .. %90 of it is rice…..

Portraits de chefs says:

Love this vidéo, thank you

aman gupta says:

I don know why but something abt Japanese fascinates me. Seeing them putting their heart and soul in whatever work they do is rare to found these days . They are so disciplined and dedicated that I am always inspired to do more and reach that state of satisfaction in my work…

Leo and Grace says:

Can’t the hosts act natural? This over acting ruined what could have been a masterpiece.

Jon jonsson says:

Aging a tuna perhaps is vital, it is tasty, but eating tuna is bad as fuck



LSmallCatL says:

In a nutshell… Saito would never serve “bad” fish to his customers because all his skills/ time to prepare the fish for his customers would be spoiled by knowing that it’s bad fish.

Nobody in McDonalds is “paid” to care whether their fish filet is of any quality but “to look similar” than on the picture that is shown to the customer.

There are plenty of great chefs/ restaurants across the world that care greatly for their customers but with the rise of fast food chains and the demand of quantity over quality.. it has been difficult but for a few outstanding places to really stay atop of the fray. I wished for everyone to pay due to the skill it takes to prepare food as well as for the cooks/ people preparing to care for their craft.

Loved the video… didn’t know the two but it was a bit irritating to see Simon eat his first by hand. A missed opportunity to appreciate the care and precision Saito put into the preparation. This is kinda how you eat chips… not world class sushi.

brandon lantier says:

I dont understand how anyone could dislike this vid, to each their own I guess, I am sooo hungry now though lol!!

Prepped Wellness says:

absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for this video!

もや もや says:

I’m verry happy that they make effort to understand our culture. They and I have a difference but we are same, we are human. Then, I want to understand their culture.

Kevin Ping says:

Wait till you get the bill, then you will remember how shitty your day really was.

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