Shoreline Sushi Combo Review

Reviewing the Shoreline Sushi Combo $8.59 in my car during lunch.


50 Shades of Dumbledore says:

We get to see your legs! 😀 Maybe face next? lol jk

Kat Caller says:

Lol @ oh no you didn’t

Tera Saunders says:

Mmm I don’t even like sushi that much, but now I’m craving it lol

Giorgio Chen says:

Too mich rice and too thick just by looking at it also i can see the residue of the water leaked from the tuna (kinda pinky)

Rebphoenix says:

Good review man, I usually don’t touch these low price sushi items

Chris Cantway says:

Do another shushi review your the the only person to review a platter

Yulia IceCream says:
IN Ö says:


yung キアン says:

just had sushi for breakfast

Zeke2g says:

Can see the water residue from the frozen crap fish

Celeste Vlasich says:

8 dolars expesive? Un Argentina we eat only one meal like That and it costs 200 pesos ir 20 dolars

Chessions says:

Your Intro is way too long

Janine Wan says:

Totally butchering the poor nigiri… 🙁 

HotSauceStain says:

Nice vids. When you eat ginger for breakfast everyday, how do you eat it? Like how do you prepare it?

Obamastucks10128 says:

that’s cheap for sushi

Manas Surya says:

Supermarket sushi is one of my guilty pleasures.

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