Sukiyabashi Jiro – worlds best sushi?


Jiro Dreams of Sushi – and so have I since eating at the Roppongi outlet of Sukiyabashi Jiro.

This is headed by Jiro’s son Takashi – but is it worth the $250 price??

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ketheasiankid says:

Which is the favorite sushi bar in Tokyo you were talking about?

R&A cool stuff says:

Tako is octopus that was squid or ika

Eisuke Hirota says:

tako is octopus… ika is squid…

Steve F says:

Wow where can I go on a challenge like this?????

春香 S says:

Shark skin grinder for wasabi is also a traditional tool, but I guess they are using traditional hand carved metal grinder. There are few craft men can cut those thousands of pointed edges out of a sheet of metal with their hands. I’ve never seen one in person but I have heard it’s just right to grind wasabi perfectly. Please excuse me if someone have told you this already. Thank you. Nice video!

Morgoth from Angband says:

He could add some tomato chilli sauce and some nice seasoning, then it would be complete.

coocoocaaachooo 6969 says:

Twendwerize it

Zack WhoAmI says:

This idiot really has a special talent. He’s stupidly disrespectful and he doesn’t realize it !

AdamR says:

Best sushi review!

OhMxds CFW says:

“Foodporn” got me laughing wtf xd

Lost Under the Sky says:

Looks amazing. I went to tsukiji and ate at one of the smaller sushi restaurants for $40 for the omakase set

Genki Matsukawa says:

I think sushi restaurant is not a press demonstration counter. Phones with small stand and cameras seemed disrespectful to the chefs even you already have a permission. As far as I know, the Jiro’s film wasn’t recording during their business time, but during their preparations instead, which is slightly better way. I think you guys might have want to enjoy the time with praising, then you ask them for interview. You seems like a non-professional traveler, not a professional press.

Meatballs Yes 2 says:

Don’t use your fingers ffs

jumpieva says:

mmmm uni….mmm urchin genitals.

Yingkai Tan says:

Great video. Advice: Eat the sushi upside down which let the tongue fully experience the taste of seafood. That would be a genuine way to eat sushi.

Kirinin Kiri says:

“First or second best sushi in the world”
First best?

Martin Laski says:

do they offer takeout?

Chris Austria says:

That piece of rice under the plate was annoying me

rossi23 says:

What a joke 3k to eat sushi only a moron pays for this crap.

PSH Arts says:

Sorry Matt you’ve just lost me as a subscriber. Always loved your videos but as a vegan and dead against the treatment of animals for human consumption or entertainment I find this totally disgusting. Please do some research into what humans are doing to the oceans and how it’s damaging the planet. the risk to the very air we breath is now under threat and it’s all because of humans taking from the ocean in huge quantities. I know this will cause some backlash from meat eaters but one day everyone will have to change their diets if the human race is to survive. Sound dramatic? Do the research.

anh le says:

11:30 why the heck is his fourhead so wrinkly??!!!? (((((:0

Ricardo8388 says:

some fish or a 300 dollar botttle of scotch.. hmm I know What i would rather get

Evan Caplinger says:

tako is octopus

Tevinslife says:

tako is octopus

tou xiong says:

one day.

Eufon ious says:

Tako is octopus. Ika is squid.

Brian Song says:

Steve Vai

NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll says:

How does this rate with discount grocery stoistoire sushi prepared and refrigerated the day before sale, purchased out of refrigerator, taken out of frig in my cart and then car total of 65 minutes, then thrown in my refrigerator at a different temp and old food odors, then microwaved 29 hours later?

Scemo chi Legge says:

Sushi or pepperoni pizza????

PhilPhresh33 says:

If Anthony Bourdain, traveler of the world, 5-star chef, and worldwide celebrity that has tried almost everything in world says this is the best meal he has ever had , then why would i listen to someone with less then 500,000 subscribers say it wasnt? LOL

atsuchan69 says:

in Osaka there is a wonderful shop called Matsusushi Sushi.

Morgoth from Angband says:

Jiro reminds me a bit of Babidi from DragonballZ.

Jayden Calderon says:

I honestly never want to go here. I love sushi. But I feel like it’s too good. Like I feel like after I eat this I will think all other sushi is gross.

GvR Wang says:

tako is not squid lol, and squid is not octopus, omg really ? how come you say squid is octopus and octopus is squid ???

nomorecakes says:

How full are you after eating something like this? Are you like super full or just like content? Im really curious about these “Chef choice” type ordeals

Spambeano says:

I’m sure the restaurant was well impressed with mopping his face with the oshibori.

Carlos Adriano de Jesus says:

muito ruim, cabotino!

Miguel Castillo says:

Why u so juge mental u a sushi chief

xCorzo650x says:

nas is like.. in the backround

Michael Johnston says:

This guy is a total pud whacker… typical Australian been there done that attitude

Kaylee Oxner says:

The narrator is very picky about what he eats, and he’s probably a jerk in real life he probably pays people to act like his friend

BldgWha7 says:

Let’s bring 20 cameras and sit them on the counter, disrespectful.

Tsai-Jung Yang says:

What is your favorite sushi bar in Japan?

Niki 9ine says:

What is the second best sushi place in Tokyo that he is referring to?

John Austria says:

that’s not Jiro that’s his second son. two star michelin

Jason Kieffer says:

Too bad it’s not Jiros place

Raptors manila says:

Chef’s are messe’d up the way he served.. salmon roe- ( ikura ) gunkan. though I like edo’s style ( authentic ) sushi rather than” FUSION” style! it’s really suck’s..

Jess Li says:

Films himself eating….. But with no reaction. What was the point? You might as well not have included it.

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