SUSHI BAZOOKA Sushezi sushi maker | Does it Work?

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The Sushi Bazooka claims to make sushi making easier by extruding perfect a log of makizushi. Hmm…let’s see if it really works. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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Fuhq Ewe says:

Jesus you’re so pretty.

Koobee says:

Great video Emmy!!

yvette torres says:

lmaoooo I love it…I have one also

Dianattz says:

When she was lubbing and staring straight to you… lol

Mark Caesar says:

You missed a vital step. After you twist the plunger about 5 times, use the plunger to compress the sushi with the cap still on. This step will firm the sushi up and make it much more presentable and easy to cut and all that good stuff. Don’t compress it too much though, if you do, the rice will slightly expand after you have wrapped it in the nori and you will end up with little tears in your nori. Not the end of the world but just not perfect.

Ash Sant says:

latch it shut

Naomi Hukes says:

Now,I think I could make sushi with this gadget

Stephler says:

imitation crab is an abomination!!!!!

Sapient Existence says:

So excited to try mines out after watching this. What kind of rice do you use, long grain white rice?

Kimmy Josive says:

looks like a robot taking a shit

Ryan Warren says:

Everyone is joking about “lube the shaft”. I’m just worried if she got the real shaft or a jack off brand?!

Kéifus Mathews says:

Have you been using this? I’m thinking about buying this are you still satisfied?

Beach Life says:

You need your own show! I could see you interviewing people while doing your thing. Enjoy your videos.

Kathleen Anne says:

Well done!
Too much compaction can be very bad too…

Shilo Harrington says:

Never saw this before, very interesting!

Janet Browning says:

It could have been made from metal, making it more study and longer lasting…i did like the way it rolled it though. i wouldn’t probably purchase it though, as I usually just use the sushi mat to roll mine out. Great video though and at least it did work…

Chocolate Fudge says:

I think we should put more rice

K.G. Donathan says:


Erik Kantor says:

Crap product right? :p
But something that would help, is to rinse your hands in water and use those to spread the rice in the “bazooka”
But i am amazed by how well you made it work Emmy.

Jim Bo says:

great knife skills!

TheBaconBrotato says:

Maybe using more river would give you a tighter roll?

Michael Yoder says:

love it! but one of your more suggestive episodes… from the lubing the shaft to extrusion….LOL – you give great videos!

Elizabeth LovesYT says:

Emmy is the only youtuber I know of who could say,”Lube the shaft a little bit” with a straight face. LMAO.

Wasabi 91939 says:

It looks like a light saber mold kit!!!

Raining Brass says:

Thanks for posting this. I recently bought a Sushezi, and went to use it tonight, only to find that, like you found, the instructions are all in French. I was able to use it after watching your instructions, but I much prefer using the bamboo mats instead. One tip I can give you about cleaning the Sushezi, is that you can do what I did, and just toss it into the garbage instead of cleaning it. I won’t miss it at all.

heidari12 says:

You can lube my shaft any day

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