Sushi Burrito Food Review | Season 2, Episode 9

We saw these burritos made of sushi popping up everywhere. It only made sense to try them on camera. So, sushi lovers. And burrito lovers. And lovers of both sushi and burritos … here is our review of the SUSHI BURRITO at Sushi Burrito Chicago.

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Robert Hansborough says:

Red dragon roll

Kevin Buns says:

Sean’s loving the sweet revenge from the whopperito

Donna Stagl says:

Your guys are great–keep them coming.

iceomat says:

You can’t spell Sushi Burrito without “shit”!

pinky pink says:

Can you do a Panda Express food review

carlyzarifa says:

so glad you didn’t let it go to waste even though you wanted to vom. man after my own heart, ely.

Tivision says:

It looks really tasty, but i puke from fish.

UF_Alum2011 says:

That struggle was real. Hope you got the za after

Dennis Walter says:

whats up guys I’ m Form germany and I love your videos greetings guys and Ihr seid die besten!!!

jocknomore says:

I’m liking everything from now on cuz I don’t want a virus!

Kevin Buns says:

I think avocado is a fruit ._.

Taiga Permaculture says:

“Do you want my ham?” “no, thats ginger…” hahah, Dr Brule!

Fam Wars says:

I love the music u guys play

Cartier Allen says:

My favorite of all time is the Spider Roll. It is AMAZING!!!!

Aimee Murray says:

Ew my friend loves sushi. She would probably love this. I think she’s a freak. And she’s Mexican. Like her mom can cook bomb Mexican food. Yet she prefers sushi. Blah. Disgusting, I hate sushi blah ew. Also hate cold food, ew.

Rev Doe says:

Sushi is suppose to be eaten in one mouthful. MEANING no bites, nibbles, or splitting like typical idiots do. That’s why Sushi burrito doesn’t work because each bite bring inconsistent flavor and texture that takes away the uniformity that bite size sushi were meant to be consumed.

Nick Ross says:

spicy tuna, Philly roll

Kevin Buns says:

I can feel the pain in today “eat it bitch, it’s always good”

haytnas says:

Shrimp Sushi Burrito is way better than the two you tried. Wasabi really enhances the burrito!

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

I love and liked this video because he wore an anberlin tshirt! love it!! oh brings me back to MySpace days!

Super Extra Medium says:

I love sushi, this sounds great. Looks great, I mean. Not the cheetos one, but the entire idea. Whatever, you know what I mean.

Shaunn Alo says:

Im likin Sean’s Hoodie! Força, and my favorite roll is the Mt. Fuji roll which is deep fried lol

SKOHC says:

Omg! Corrie is going to puke!

Eddy Empathy says:

fuck sushi man

MusicILike424 says:

Glad Sean finished and didn’t waste food! Sushi burritos r pretty much a big ass sushi roll uncut. If u order a spider roll or caterpillar roll in a sushi restaurant in Boston it’s like $13 for a small 6pcs roll. Seafood and sushi r expensive anyways. I think Corey just doesn’t like Asian food and veggies lol but fun to watch him try to finish it but can’t! Is there something u absolutely won’t eat and finish Sean?

Ryan Haimerl says:

Love you guys! Ever think about going to MKE for food reviews??

Lornald Trump says:

guy on the rights a fuckin kill buzz

owen v says:

They have a place like sushi burrito in downtown Toronto (don’t know the name)… Almost stopped in just to experience it, soon, we’ll see

Shykeria Wade says:

lol Love this Episode, it was so funny!!!

DMC05 says:

darn i live near cologne 😉 ^^ 😉 you need beer 😉 ^^ Prost….. but iwould never eat this 😉 ^^

MBM says:

You two are going to go very far in this niche, my only criticism (not that you asked for it) would be to consider cleaning up the name, since you are still starting out now will likely be the only chance you have to make a name change… I think something to incorporate the fact that it’s a duo would be ideal… keep it up and good luck (not that you will need it)

also, sweet anberlin shirt

Kiara Hughes says:

You guys are brave for eating sushi burritos.. I can’t stomach raw fish…

Idalia Martinez says:

i also really hate cucumber! ugh, the taste of it ruins everything else

DesignDNA says:

Hahaha, Corey’s face through this entire video.  I can’t!  I also dislike most veggies.  As I’ve gotten older I can “tolerate” most but I still can’t deal with tomatoes, beets and leafy mix lettuce.  I love sushi and Poke bowls but this looked suspect.

Nick Ross says:

this is right buy my job

David Jackson says:

What a terrible idea. Sushi is about balanced flavor. Eating a mouth full of carrots and seaweed is just stupid. I can’t believe someone invested money and made this real. Also, my favorite sushi is super white nigiri. It’s like butter. Escolar, the kind of fish it actually is, is also called butter fish.

Super Extra Medium says:

This is basically a giant hand roll, which is not that crazy. C-Wags you know I fuck with you bro, but imma need you to handle that sushi burrito like the man you are. Mufucka.

Zonda says:

sushis hella lit famalam but this american bastardisation of sushi looks pretty nasty

Colin Mitchell says:

i give you guys 2 months then you guys will expload in popularity, very good comedy and very raw, definitely my favourite channel

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