Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

“Bad shrimp smell…I have to eat this one?”

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Koto Swang
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Yoya Takahashi

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Joseph Huynh says:

I would hang out with that man. He acts so nice

A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman says:

0:26 [speaks foreign language] gee, I wonder what language he’s speaking. I guess we’ll never know.

Kendall A says:

Takahashi-san! 🙂

Michelle Rougeau says:


The Bacon Master says:

Now i want sushi ._.

Jill Chartres says:

Market street and Kroger have really really good sushi

Andy Cheng says:

The truth about fish used for sushi and other raw seafood being served in the US is that the FDA requires that all the fish imported from other countries has to be frozen at a minimum temperature of -4’F to any kill harmful bacteria that might have gone inside when being brought over.The problem with that, is that many types of parasites, like flukes and tapeworms. Another method the FDA uses is heating or smoking the fish. That also kills a lot of harmful bacteria, but again, that does not completely eliminate all of the bacteria or parasites still in it. Some restaurants claim that their raw fish is “sushi grade” but it is really not. While some restaurants do actually allow it but at an extremely high price. If you want to go try raw fresh seafood, Japan is the place you should go to. They are surrounded by ocean, and while rules still apply for raw fish there, it is not as strict as in the USA. It is even sold sometimes in the neighborhood markets in the bigger cities and smaller villages along the coast for a relatively low price. The US is more cautious about their safety of the food being served to people, which is good in many ways and also bad in other ways too.
I would say both ways are good in both countries but be aware the next time you see “sushi grade” seafood in the stores or restaurants. One last thing, Remember also that famous sushi chefs also sometimes use frozen fish in their restaurants.

jojo n n n n n n n n n n n says:

im a all food eating expert lmao

Sweetwhite CHOCOLATE says:

never eaten sushi before

Raspy Bo says:

The Gordon Ramsay to rate McDonalds.

ispiderweb says:

I like how all the other experts are haters and act like their tastebuds are better than Gods but this dude is just like “eh I’m good”

Mustache Cashstash says:

i love americans say they love sushi, but 90% of the time they choose to buy crap sushi.
the rice is supposed to be short grain but instead uses jasmine cooked with barely any water.
the wasabi is always fake
the fish flavor is always faded
the fake crab meat that is used is the worst and the consistency is of cream cheese.

cheap sushi is like the mcrib of BBQ

Edwin Chan says:

U guys should put in the sushi he made and tell him that’s some cheap one, see whats his comments

American Soldier says:

Where’s Liberal Reviews 36 Genders?

Lauren Hall says:

Try Wegman’s sushi!!! SO GOOD!

J.T. says:

Nijiya sushi is amazing

Genesis Origin says:

This guy kinda funny

Los Jukes says:

If its like $1 per box, if it isn’t disgusting, you can’t really complain

Grey Riot says:

Uuuhhh video quality pretty nice

ProperGoodDishcloth says:

I love sushi

Juicicon says:


David Schmidt says:

he looks like asian James Hetfield (metalica singer)

TheWolfGirl says:

I like how he didn’t like, spit it out or was too emotional. Really. This is more convincing than other peoplr who overreact on stuff like this.

Kaitlyn Totman says:

He’s probably going to get food poisoning or explosive diarrhea after eating that 7-11 sushi lol

Jake P says:

I want to know what he means by “frozen” because fish used in sushi, by law in the US and Japan, has to be frozen for a certain amount of time to kill the parasites and bacteria in the fish.

milkteas says:

the thumbnail says everything

Soviet Blackborg says:

I accidentally watched this video not knowing it was a buzzfeed video until the end. I demand that my view be refunded.

Red Demon8 says:

SushiStop’s name and logo totally wasn’t stolen from GameStop.

Robbie Rotten says:

Lets play a game.

Everytime he says kinda, take a shot.

cronnn rvebl says:

lmao hes a savage

Tropical Popsicle says:

1:07 lol when he said what happened to wasabi it was funny

Jualoton says:

I love whole foods sushi

Nicole Triolo says:

I wonder what he thinks about publix sushi

Cooldude 265 says:

he needsnto try my local fredmyers sushi because its made fresh daily by Asian cooks.

Frezzy YT says:

Should have tried Kroger sushi

CookieJooce says:

He’s like a chill Asian Gordon Ramsay.

Vayrone says:

Japanese Gordon Ramsay

NyanAoi says:

The accuracy of his rating somehow satisfies me….

Kendall A says:

“Zero star.”

blackcatooow says:

That chef doesn’t want ppl to eat cheap sushi

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