Sushi Gen restaurant REVIEW!

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Jennifer Hoyle says:

I love sushi too! I have Celiac disease so I can’t eat gluten– which means no soy sauce– but I love it without it! I love your recipe videos! Keep em comin!

RobustFilms1 says:

it pissed me the fuck off that she didnt eat the sushi in one bite.

qewr4231 says:

Wow the camera is really close in these videos.

allenbird says:

Haha your facial expressions are priceless. Great video. I want sushi now

Riley Serola says:

Excellent video, I’ve watched it three times now. I have similar content as yours based in London. Just starting out though.

baby baby says:

good video, make more food, fine dining review please

Jordan Smith says:

Thanks for the video Amy 🙂

Sarah SuperGreat says:

friggin YUM.
Amy, I made your curry quinoa salad and it was delectable!

ArcoFit says:

helo amy, would you mind to tell me what camera you use for make a video? do you use any microphone on it? I was thinking to make a review about some restaurant around my country, but I have no idea which camera will suit with my needs. thank you.

TheMrJayAM says:

Thanks for the vid. Always wondered why such long lines there at lunch. I think I’ll have to try it out.

Aya Rogers says:

Not talking crap just a few points to add.
Fish quality and freshness is dominantly determined by whether or not it smells. Smell means it’s begun to rot so no smell would mean it’s fresh. Also melt in your mouth and buttery is only a measure of fatty content also not a freshness determinant. And for dipping the sushi in soy sauce, lay the piece on its side, and try only dipping the fish part, traditional way of doing it, otherwise you risk getting rice in your soy sauce. And also soy sauce is meant for the fish because the fish used to be marinated in vinegar, now the vinegar has been moved into the rice and soy sauce is meant to recreate the marinating by being applied to the fish.

Griton says:

For the love of God please stop lollipoping your nigiri! Very rude to bite them in half, just eat it!

qewr4231 says:

I like toro, aji, katsuo tataki, and saba/mackerel. Those are my favorites. I also like uni/sea urchin, yellowtail/hamachi, tuna/maguro, ikura/salmon roe, amaebi/sweet shrimp, and salmon/sake.

Lauren Waddell says:

i think this was my favorite video of yours. lol.

sneakpeep says:

lost interest soon as she said Sushi Jen

yodady4 says:

great channel and video Amy!! you just earned yourself a subscriber !!

Joakim Egana says:

Wow! Amy is reaaally beautiful, im drowning in her eyes

Flo says:

you dont eat nigiri in two bites! its disrespectful. so much for being a foodie!

AlexIzumiIsCool says:

The person she talked to was my dad

Brendon Borg says:

it would have cost you a fortune

allenbird says:

I guess this answers the question…”What’s Amy Eating?”. lol

komaki1234 says:


Adam Nelson says:

do run into any challenges with restaurant employees recording in these restaurants? 

Gewd Fewds says:

this is my favorite Japanese restaurant in LA! 😀

The Travelling Pint says:

Love this vis and LOVE Sushi!! i had to laugh as i feel we had some same reactions / expressions in our reviews though mine are beer 😉

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