Sushi Go! Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at the new edition of Sushi Go! from Gamewright Games

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Servant Of All says:

Just a guess, but have you shopped at The Container Store down in Florida? I recognize the Multi-Drawer cabinets and the tinted stacking drawers that you are behind you as products that are sold there. (I know from being an employee at one of the stores).

Wonderful emir says:

They removed POINT SCORING CARDS :(((*

Atlas Films says:

They should consider releasing an additional version of this game with an even more mainstream food theme since most kids don’t like sushi and the card names can be very hard for them to pronounce.

Diner foods are the first thing that come to mind. Burgers and fries kind of thing.

Or maybe “Pasta Go!” Spaghetti, meatballs, sauce, Mac and chesse, etc.

Cardboard Stacker says:

Thumbs up for delicious sushi!

James Pedid says:

This game totally misses the mark with me. Drafting games with only the drafting mechanic are kind of boring. At least have other objectives to score resources to need and use, or something else. I’ll pass on future games.

EmperorMAD says:

This review made me hungry.

falconwind00 says:

Why are there cannabis leaves on the card backs?

Rt7xz says:

Great and simple game, easy way to introduce drafting to a non-gaming audience. We use this in our gaming group especially when the girlfriends want to join the sessions.

rachis83 says:

Absolutely love playing this game when I have friends coming over.

F4R207 says:

Looks like a great game to play with my niece and the old folks. Thanks for the review, I think I’ll go pick it up.

wetwillyccma says:

Just bought it from Cool Stuff the other week. Great game. Cheap fast and fun. Perfect review Tom.

Izobretenik says:

I think Sushi Dora (Dora, for Draft), the Japanese drafting game about sushi is better. Both really look alike.

Anna Griffin says:

Just played, love the game. 🙂 

Dutch Blades says:

The cards are way too thin though…

Marlen Lowke says:

I love the metal tin. Sadly in germany, sold by ZOCH, it is given in a paper box. But really disappointing is that here the cards look totally different. You got the cute ones, here we have the ugly version! Compare yourself – and other cards are really creepy, see here:

Did u see the PUDDING??! Thanks to you and your video, so i was able to compare. Hope i get the cute version an amazon :/

XeseroxEUR says:

Friends wife bought it at PAX East 2014. While not my favorite… it is a great game that you can have gamers and non gamers alike playing.  Very simple and easy to teach, plays really fast. 🙂 

EightThreeEight says:

I took this with me to school one time.
The other people in my class picked it up pretty quickly, and one of them ended up kicking my ass at it XD

Syncopator says:

Is this really any good with 2 players?  It’s been my experience that some drafting card games are kinda weak with 2 players…

Raccoon says:

No…. it was way too simple for me…. I was so bored…

anthony kent says:

My mom just brought this over for Christmas. It’s such a fun, simple game.

Martijn Wijnands says:

Sounds like a simple version of Bohnanza, but with card passing instead of trading.

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