Sushi Lovers Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Sushi

This is such an orgasmic experience.

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Daniel Huang says:

I think the expensive sushi is what chef makes right in front of you. and you eat it immediately. And I believe none of these sushis are like what i expected, aka the expensive one.

Dexter Barker says:

Wine mum girl made me go off buzzfeed

anime what else says:

maaan why am I not there when I eat sushi like almost everyday

SailorMew says:

Before they revealed the prices around the beginning I guessed which ones were expensive and cheap and I got it right lol

TopmusicOFF Hey says:

Guys u know now u don’t have to go to chino to be a expert at sushi

Bilal Fazil says:

Actually ur supposed to use chopsticks for nigiri sushi u take the sushi and flip it on its side and u pick it up with ur chopsticks so one chopstick is touching the rice and the other is touching the salmon, u then pick it up and dip it fish side in the soy sauce

Sor Butt says:

The confidence they have even after they get it wrong is what I need in my life rn.

SailorMew says:

“I eat sushi 3 to 4 times a month.”

Honey I eat sushi about 2-3 times a week

Lily Brooke13 says:

“Whenever I eat it I go mmm cause it’s so good” I’m-

Secret Zexyula says:

people guess cheap vegan sushi vs Expensive vegan sushi!

It's Lauren! White says:

Who else wants fish now

Books Are Life says:

I am genuinely curious is that how sushi is traditionally eaten? With your fingers, I mean. I would really like to know!

Marc Mouallem says:

Yay! And OMG yes sushi taste better with your hands, just not something I can bring myself to do at a nice resturant.

Hannah currier says:

milky? cuts? umm that makes no sense

MrPieman00 says:

0:20 aka I saw the munchies video on how to eat sushi.

Cory Hill says:

u could tell just by the color

James Latief says:

Change the title to “Sushi Lovers Guess Cheap Sushi Vs. Cheap Sushi Vs. Cheap Sushi”

Doreen says:

You can tell just by looking. The most expensive one has the most streaks, is the best cut, and just looks the best.

Alana says:

buzzfeed, sweetie. a couple dollars won’t differentiate sushi. get one that’s 3 dollars and one that’s 20 at least..

Ethan Hung says:

1:18 queue john cena “are you sure about that?”

Ren Suzugamori says:

Perfect women don’t exi…

(Sees white girl eat sushi the correct way and figure out the cheap vs expensive ones with confidence)

john michael says:

if only Andrew did this…

Tom Shi says:


Unicorn&Slothlover From different countries says:

How is if the sushi is big it’s not expensive!

Bernie Alex says:

I think im gonna nail this right away

yusi puspitasari says:

hahaha… funny

Anthi Politi says:

Sushi is my fav food

Jayden Zhou says:


Watermeloon says:

Don’t you just wish your weight scale would lie to you?

Crying Jordan says:

“Wow they taste like fish”

Ashlei Izumo says:

Just to let you know the more vibrant the color is it’s usually added due to make it look better so it’s actually cheap but the dye makes it have a fresher appearance

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