Sushi Mukbang , Sam’s Club Sushi Review , Snowfox Sushi Review ~ This was our first time trying raw sushi. I purchased the sushi from Sam’s Club sushi box . The company name is Snowfox sushi . I really enjoyed my first mukbang with my Sister , I hope you enjoy it as well. Please don’t forget like , comment , and subscribe. Also turn on your notification bell so you won’t miss any future uploads. Thank you for all of your love and support. ( I apologize for the camera quality and lighting.)

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Tosh Time says:

The part when your sister said, there’s OTHER things I could have tried with you:) I’m going to pray for you KC but you got this! The crispy roll and avocado roll look amazingly good. Sister – hold up we can’t cuss on here, TAKE 2, TAKE 2 LOL! I think your sister was over it at “fleshy texture”! You both did a great job. Have a blessed Sunday, -Tosh Time.

Dee Crossyamind says:

I’m not really a big fan of tuna unless it’s in a poké bowl

connie618 says:

Will you be trying the spider roll next?

Maurice W says:

Now you need to try the Sea Urchin, Eel and Salmon eggs.

MeMe 38 says:

You guys together are hilarious awesome and that’s why you guys are different to give us different opinions about what you guys were eating How it Taste and if you do it again. love it I watch the video all the way through and I will leave you a thumbs up thank you for sharing and have a good evening

Soul Good TV says:

Y’all cracked me up! I needed a good laugh today. . . Thank you.

Kayla Madison says:

You guys are very beautiful women.

Nart Tran says:

Sushi is better to take one bite so you can taste all the flavours ❤️ start slow with sushi. Try all the baked and cooked stuff first. Try Vietnamese food or spring rolls next!:) new to your channel sorry if you already did!

Cordilleran heiress says:

Hey your looking fab..those foods are yummyy

Sandy Schaffer says:

Omg, I was lmao when you said……”look , my hand is shaking”. Lol. I never had it in my life either and I’m just as afraid as you were. Seriously it was so funny. Really enjoyed your reactions. Happy day from Bethlehem pa

Vanessa Ashley says:

This was so funny! my 1st time trying sushi I had that nasty ass crunch roll so nasty lol… I plan on trying more soon #newsub #DetroitLove

Thomasina McGriff says:

I was crying laughing watching this video from the beginning to the end. Great video. You have a new sub.

Pastor Peewee says:

What does mukbang mean? Great job !

jangzster says:

Hey C! I’m so proud of you. You’ll never know if you like it or not until you try it. Bless your heart for having the courage to do so. You see, it’s not that bad right? Next time for a better taste, dip it in soy sauce on the fish side. Oh and that texture you’re trying to explain, I believe it’s a melt in your mouth texture. 😉

Rebecca Lathe says:

You guys are so pretty

The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV says:

There’s no reason you should be mispronouncing mukbang. #muckBONG! I can’t watch videos that refuse to pronounce it properly. Dislike for that

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