Sushi Pizza, Sushi Donuts and Sushi Corn Dog | REVIEW + MUKBANG | Poke Burri, East Atlanta

This week, we’re trying sushi pizza, sushi donuts and sushi corn dogs from my favorite poke place EVER, Poke Burri in East Atlanta! If you live in Atlanta, or if you ever plan to visit, add Poke Burri onto your list! These items are on their secret menu, and the pizza isn’t available all the time, so I recommend calling ahead to make sure!

Thanks so much for watching guys!

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If you have any thoughts or feelings about this review/mukbang, tell me in the comments below! And if you have any suggestions on other foods you’d like me to eat/review for you, comment them below as well! Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy!!


Tracie RD says:

omg! No wonder u looked so familiar! loved you on GBP! Wish I were in Atlanta and could try those sushi pizzas. All the food looked so amazing. Hope I can find something like that in Cali. Never thought to look. Can’t wait to see all your foodie eats in LA!

Valéria Campoi says:

meu deusssssssss

Benjamin Stearns says:

You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life!!!

thefood eye ASMR says:

They all looked so delicious! Wish I could have some right now!!

GlamiSami21 says:

im obsessed with spicy mayo dude!

힐링주세요 says:

와 머리가 너무 작아서 모자가 큰건가 모자를 왜 저렇게 큰걸 썼지?

Dora A says:

Just binge watched your channel and this was an awesome way to end it. #newsubscriber

JANENA Eats says:

all it is is regular sushi in a diffrant shape who gives a shit and to much rice yucc rice succ

Sheila Juarez says:

that looked s good omg all of it looks delicious!

brittny schwietz says:

The only kind of pizza I would like all of that looks amazing #sushiforlife

밤의소리 says:

Are you Rachel mcadams? Very resemble

Christopher Lewis says:

Have fun in LA trying some of the food. LA has some good Mexican food Armenian food sushi places and some high end fusion food places .

ava kai says:

When you take a big ass bite, it’s cute. But when I do it, I’m scaring somones kid lol literally…

Eric Rafford says:

Def not a low carb meal! The pizza slices look cool, but alas I am not a big sushi fan =(

Sky Tube says:

That sushi pizza is like aomething i never seen before is it good I am huge sushi freak lol

erlich says:

love your vids! pls share work out videos. thanks.

Rathis Durairaj says:

Hy dear your videos are great.. Your speaking is loveable when the food is in your’s so nature.. Could you try the south indian foods like dily, dosa, poori ect..

Nathalie lh says:

The most amazing thing I’ve watched on YouTube in months and that says a lot since I have a chronic illness and stay at home and watch YouTube most days. But I did cry when the sushidonut died – I would’ve held it like a tiny baby and put it all in my mouth at once probably risking it crumbling anyway, but I wouldn’t care.

SIUshi Rollz Mukbang says:

New subby here!!! Looove that pizza!!

kk g says:

You are gorgeouuuuus and i aint lesbian just another female admitting another females beauty!!! Keep up the good work. Ill just ask you for one huge favor please. Once you get super top viewers please dont get cocky or weird like most do, with over shewing and over doing it, also their personalities change so bad:/

Jenxtcy says:

AHH! That sushi pizza is epic!! Awesome video

Cademan Caden says:

Better angles of food. Less video of face.

가즈아바밤바 says:

Thought that thumbnail was a clickbait but no!? Lol its literally sushi pizza . Fun video

Hrundi V Bakshi says:

I just saw the sushi pizza on Instagram the other day and here you are devouring a couple of slices. The food looked delicious. Also, I think 2 pizza slices, a corndog and a doughnut is the least you’ve ever eaten on camera but no doubt the amount of rice involved made it pretty heavy. Looking forward to Lindsay in LA.

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