Sushi Stop Hollywood REVIEW!

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In this episode I share with you my sushi secret weapon. Sushi so good and affordable, it can only be Sushi Stop.

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seniorerotico says:

I love you and Will together! So cute! Great video too!

Anthony Reyes says:

will is 2 effin adorable n amy is MAD GORGEOUS!!!!

kevin says:

If you are ever in new york well long island you have to go to sushi ya it is amazing

Designer66 says:

Why are people making a big deal out of her boyfriend being in videos? People who date tend to spend some time together, you know …. If it was a friend, you’d have no problem with it I’m sure. I love you videos no matter what you do!

MercuryLove46 says:

If you’re into Middle Eastern food, i highly recommend Cleo on Vine/Hollywood. The food is amazing but on the pricey side.

emmusicx says:


Lily Blackwell says:

Sushi Stop is one of the best places in LA.

Zee'Ta Lamont says:

OMG now im craving sushi

Cosita031009 says:

Why would an evil mastermind do something non-evil? xD

Richard Pajooh says:

Fyi the reason they charge more is probably to cover the overhead for the liquor license and possibly local taxes. Dinner prices vary greatly in comparison to lunch. But as soon as you said liquor and that no other sushi stop has liquor should automatically light a bulb in your head.

Richard Pajooh says:

Those rolls have wayyyy too much rice ugh

qewr4231 says:

The hand rolls are made with soy wrappers and not nori.

jessaleex says:

every time i watch your videos i get hungry… im hungry now

sara oneal says:

Omg I went there last light with some girl friends. I was beyond impressed it was amazing!!

Abigail Agbi says:

You must have had a lot of fun and good food!!!! You’re great Amy!!!

Robert Watson says:

If they have a full blown restaurant, with servers, then they have a higher overhead. That may explain some of the price increase.

L Lawliet says:

Damnit! Now I’m freaking craving sushi! Thanks!

OGK MIKE says:

Them lips tho.. <3

UltimateGrobanite says:

That’s a stupid reason lol

Alex A says:

I wish I lived in the US cause sushi in Oslo is way too expensive! For 28 pieces (nigiri + maki) it costs 300 kroners which is the same as $50. 🙁

nyes master says:

now as a japanese that is not “real sushi” yes it is sushi but wat a real sushi is a perfect combination of fish and rice… tbh u guys r getting cheated

JaqenH says:

ok i must unsub, not here for your boyfriend.

tan nguyen says:


Sniperyeti says:

The camera is to close to your face 

qewr4231 says:

Fast food sushi is not high on my list of things to eat.  I don’t like fast food sushi. I am half Japanese and have lived in Japan.

GemzMusical says:

You and will are so cute together. And you can tell you are both passionate about good food. 🙂

LiveWithJoey says:

Sushi omg i love fish woehoe

mikeandersonwa says:

I’m still looking for a sushi place here that’s comparable to Sushi Land in Bellevue, WA. I used to go there all the time, it was $1/$2 per plate, and it had a conveyor belt that brought the sushi around and the sushi was amazingly good, like, it was honestly on par with almost every other sushi place i’ve tried. 🙂

It's Amy Castle says:

It’s on Franklin at Tamarind. Great job in class tonight!

maziar arian says:

All we can see is your annoying nose and lips.

UltimateGrobanite says:

The Sushi Stop sign looks like GameStop’s sign LOL

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