Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Is Sushi Striker a tasty new action puzzler? Or is the entire idea undercooked? Find out in our review of Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido!

NOTE: This review was written and played by Daan Koopman, but he was unable to record. Instead, Derrick is recording his script.

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Julian Paul Vlogs says:

Is this game worth $50

Andrew Wojtkowski says:

I bought this game due to GameXplain’s coverage. I have no regrets.

Aaron Luedemann says:

It feels like they spent way too much money on the story and voice acting, without stopping to consider that the gameplay might feel too simple by comparison.

Matthew Young says:

Played the demo. Knew immediately that it was not my kind of game. Switch has plenty of puzzlers similar to this (they’re all a hell of a lot cheaper too), so I’m going to pass on this one.

Lucio says:

40€ 🙁

Mario World says:

Musashi for Smash in a future DLC will be cool, is moveset will be so unique.

No Filter A Nintendo Podcast says:

This would be a must buy for me if it was 20 bucks as it probably should. The game probably didnt need voice acting
And to charge 64.99 in cdn is just b.s.

dynamicsketch says:

The demo for this game was far more enjoyable than Mario Tennis Aces.

Syndy Dieovilai says:

Should I get it on the switch or 3ds?

Caliduchey says:

1:31 animation error I think.
Her right badge button thing flickers a little bit

ozjthomas says:

Im surprised he gave it a love it. I am still very split on this game and I am sure I am not alone with my hesitancy at its price point.

Samantha Astral says:

All I see from this Game… Is a mix of Rated E, The Amazing movie called “COCO”, and just because of war… And my now prime obsession with Learning war… I get Call of Duty: WWII vibes… I hope it’s temporary

Fox McFog says:

I’m getting it for 3DS

Stacona says:

I am going to get this for 3DS because the game seems like it will play best with a stylus, plus it seems like it be better to have on a portable system due to the nature of the gameplay

Tom Ridgewell says:

This game looks pretty dumb, to be honest

afromarco005 says:

Musashi! Kojiro! Nyarth~nya!

Caliduchey says:

It looks like once you play the first level, you don’t have to play any others..

Alien Frequency says:

I’m absolutely stunned at how much fun this game is.

Lucas Pelle says:

if this was on phone it’d be $5 tops. only nintendo charges so much for this crap.

C S says:

Get well soon Daan! And thanks Derrick for filling in 🙂

ThrillingDuck says:

This game makes me hungry…

Cindy Nguyen says:

I love the game so come at me haters I don’t care

Colli says:

the core battles just scream mobile game to me

Arc Caravan says:

I remember this game from last year during Nintendo Tree House and thought, “This is so freaking goofy! I love it!”. Glad to hear it was good.

Smash Parker says:

Meh…its not for me but good review

Stacona says:

Gamexplain gave Sushi Striker a hgiher score than Breath of the Wild… just to remind everyone!

Mario G says:

It looks fun , but I don’t like the graphics , looks like flash game from early 2000’s.
Old-School pixel art would be perfect for this game (See Bomber Man for Saturn) , but that’s more expensive that regular 3D graphics.

ChanHK Jacky says:

Damn the Female Protagonist with Golden Hair look decent.

Sorry I will leave

Saborabi says:

I loved the demo.

But I will wait the game enter on a sale promotion before buying it.

Crosby Lover says:

I have played the demo and I love it

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