Terrible Houston TX Sushi, A Restaraunt Review

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Ron says:

Can I use like $10 for some cat food?

Matthew Joines says:

$150 and you had to cook your own food!

bens says:

holy shit, for $150 for two people the food had better been fucking amazing!

PhilFuture says:

The original California roll used substitute crab meat and some other cheap vegetable(I think cucumber ). Sushi places usually reserve crab for their more expensive dishes.

Hanna with a H says:

EWWWWW!!! Crabsticks in your sushi, not ok!

Rusty Shackleford says:

I miss Casey posting things on his snapchat.

Richard Yoo says:

That place is called Nara… It closed on Jan 31st

Dovahkiin says:

Do the chicken have large talons?

Jeff Winchell says:

Go to Kata Robata. Best sushi in houston!

David Brandes says:

Candices Pink Floyd impression 10/10

WhatTechShow says:

Why does Casey always go to shitty restaurants? Like some random ass shady restaurant on the side of the road. Or that oily chinese restaurant above the prison. He could afford to get some nice food!
Even when he pays a lot, it’s still shitty. LOL

rin chops says:

casey is looking hawter lately i cant deal

RarityGamer says:

$150 for bad sushi?!?! You can get great cheap sushi

Fugedibobo says:

Nice Platinum Amex! 😀

Artem Denisov says:

Unfortunately, my language skills not alloved to me totaly understand, why this restaurant such terrible. 🙂

RosiePosie says:

I feel like you’re really spoilt

Zach Beydoun says:

thanks for the amex #

LifeBlog says:

Hey guys, I want to make videos like Casey’s and am just getting started, it would mean so much if some of you could give me some feedback on my videos? thanks! 🙂

bat man says:

Should of gone to AKA sushi

Mah FL says:

Yikes $154 at 3/10 restaurant.

Natas Kaupas says:

anybody which restaurant this is?

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