The Sushi Chef: Shark Hearts & Fish Sperm with Yoya Takahashi

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Yoya Takahashi once dreamt of following in his grandfather’s footsteps and becoming an actor. These days, the Executive Sushi Chef of Hamasaku has realized a different Hollywood dream with starlets (and execs) coming in for power lunches at his sushi bar in a nondescript strip mall in West LA. Takahashi takes his “art” very seriously, but that hasn’t stopped him from experimenting with nontraditional ingredients—fish sperm sushi, anyone?

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Bozz Tiyo says:

That guy is like the one on Worth it sushi episode

VlogSmu says:

So was his grandpa Takahashi Koji?

robert cheng says:

He’s so positive I would hang out with him for a long ass time

Ernestas Gaizauskas says:

Fish Sperm?

Stiles Kuchiki says:

I think it’s amazing that people from other parts of the world can feel more at home somewhere else than their original home. It tells you that everyone is not so different. 🙂

fufer chia says:

Amber heard will want to eat that raw meat

Becky Broadhurst says:


Please enter first name Please enter last name says:

Shuck Hutts

BGonzales Productions says:

This dude is the Lavar Ball of sushi

Seth Maskovich says:

simple is my city

김송 says:

Fish sperm?!

BengkelMarmer dotCom says:

He is humble with his strong personality.

woodclan says:

Nigiri is sushi last time I checked

R. Craig says:

I like his ink

Xcits says:

Isn’t he from the sushi episode from Worth It?

Ivy Lim says:

Thumbs up if u think the manager is a cutiee!!

Kevin Start says:

“Theres nothing to do in Japan”
Goes to the US to make sushi……LOL

A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman says:

wesu eru ei

nicg g says:

Sharks are near risk of exinction because of Japan’s overfishing. Since they are the most importants predators in oceans, it’s an ecologic disaster. I love japan culture, but he should be stopped.

INVENT says:

“I feeling like an actor here”.
The truth is revealed. And that is why sushi is so expensive. You’re basically paying for fan service. “Big Mouth” needs to stop giving away the trade secrets

Omg BOOM says:


Nice Dude says:

Kojima of sushi

Matzy says:

Looks like Japanese James Hetfield

Crooked Warden says:

“I was a loud guy”

I love how this guys considered loud in japan, but to me has quite an average volume.

Jessus Christ says:

caught himself a fish, a nice one too!!

Blaster Dasher25 says:

my dad is a sushi chef over 10 years and fish is also fresh but damn that looks good

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