Toronto’s Cheapest AYCE Sushi (All You Can Eat) Review & Mukbang – Kyoto House Japanese

I eat 100 Pieces of Sushi and review downtown Toronto’s Cheapest (and best?) All you can eat Sushi restaurant Mukbang style at Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant

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Joel Hansen
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Outro : Track: Culture Code – Feel Again (feat. Harley Bird) [NCS Release]


Jerry J says:

Hey Joel, Danika and luna!

Mladen Vidic says:

For a cheap all you can eat. You would expect only 3 or 4 variations of sushi so that people would quickly get sick of the same old.
THAT PLACE IS A GOLDMINE for people who dig sushi.

Janie D says:

Joel love ur outfit and tie, but the meal ewwwww…..

Big Ben says:

I’ll bet Raina or Molly couldn’t eat in a suit like that. Lol.
Music choice should of been something by Sushi and the Banshees. (Groan).. 😉

Hector Hernandez says:

Succes ultra nice maximus

Eduardo Mamede says:

Japanese food is my favorite!!!!!!GREAT VIDEO!!!!!

Barbara Garner says:

Joel your good looking and all, but that suit and tie, supper sharp. That could be your new gimmick, in competitive eating. Love ya from California

Edward's Sisters'Hands says:

Mark down for sushi being too cold, but putting ginger on the sushi… XD!!!

arkangel says:

well that’s a total bargain for the price, sushi is always a fav of mine and … are you reinventing your image Joel… suit .. tie… great vid !!

American Rejected says:

You look so handsome in that suit

Jeffrey Charest says:

Way to dominate Joel. That look when the wasabi hit, lol. Came in dressed to kill.

Chilltownify says:

AYCE 14.99 SUSHI???..nice!

scouse mouse says:

Hay Joal Lookin good in your suit ☺ great job

suzieq says:

You look very dapper! I would eat sushi every day if I could.

stephanie reeves says:

“Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don’t know where I am goin’ to
Silk suit, black tie,
I don’t need a reason why
They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
‘Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”
joel you are looking amazing in that suit ❤…what was the occasion?

Chris Driskell says:

Sushi is my favorite!! I would have to say my favorite roll has cream cheese and it’s a tempura wrapped flash fried type with spicy mayo, eel sauce and awesome fine sliced green onion topping. Wait, we actually both like sushi? Dang. Something we finally have in common lol.

Christina Rampertab says:

new subbie here, great content and videos, its nice to see Canada repping

Kandi Hinshaw says:

See now I won’t eat raw fish simply because you risk the chance of getting a parasite or parasites egg and getting in your system so me personally I won’t eat raw fish because of that I don’t eat fish that often anyways I like crab meat and shrimp can usually fried clams and fried oysters in raw oysters that’s just gross lol but I’m too paranoid to eat raw meat simply cuz I’m where do I get a parasite

Jonathan Jin says:

Thats not even sushi rice they are using i just hope for you that the fish was fresh

john stokes says:

great vid as always joel.i liked the woman at the end with the old bag blocker trick lol.

Maeflor Ogario says:

you’re correct,, the most important is the service and the taste,,, no matter f the selection is few,,, it’s all the same fish with rice,,, the avocado is the best recipe,the crab too> gogogo enjoy

Critical Eats Japan says:

All you can eat sushi! Awesome, man! $14.99 is a great deal too. Mango sounds weird in a sushi roll. But eel is so good. I had some incredible sushi last week and I’m going to eat sushi again on Friday.

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