Trying Sushi for the first time, Eating Sushi reaction, Funny Sushi review | First Time Friday

Watch our new first time friday video with us trying for the first time ever sushi: Trying Sushi for the first time, eating sushi raw fish and wasabi, Eating Sushi reaction | First Time Friday with Simi and Danny

Ahoj friends! Finally a new first time friday video. 🙂 We were trying sushi for the first time / eating sushi reaction… from the restaurant. 🙂 We went in with no expectations in this first time ever sushi review and figured out pretty quick what we think about the whole trying sushi for the first time thing :D… watch till the end to see OUR funny little sushi review.

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Please ignore our “perfect” english, we really try to improve it. 🙂



Emily Hochevar says:

I just recently found your channel and you two are super cute and have great personalities! Have a nice day!

Umut Ozturk says:

selam genclik

Isaac Gonzalez says:

You guys are awesome and funny! Love from California!

Kat katowski says:

You are cool!! From today I am your big fan; -DD I have a question or give you the trick to give him a piggyback ride ?? ;-)) Kisses and greetings to you – **

Amy Anderson says:

Salmon is good to eat and the one fishie was shrimp. Which I love eating. It shouldn’t smell fishie probably wasn’t fresh. Love your video

tyraaaxx says:

have you never seen shrimp??

Jaya Patton says:

I hate sushi

Cera Elinne says:

I love sushi

patamonsvk says:

As soon as the Sushi smells just a little bit fishy is not a good sushi. 🙂

Hexatious says:

Never eat prepackaged sushi, #1 it taste Kirk shit, #2 you can’t really choose what you want. Go to a shushing bar for fresh and flavorful sushi.

drnh4444 says:

You two are hillarious…. I love how Danny takes a bite of the sushi roll and Simi, you just throw the whole thing in hahaha.

Sushi is definitely better in a Muffin!

Umut Ozturk says:

bisi sorcam nasil oluyor:-

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