Walmart Sushi Review

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Walmart Sushi Review





Dumbest Shit Ever says:

If you’re new to the channel, get the fuck out of here.

dee dee says:

looks like them views getting lower and lower

Albert3218 says:

love all type of sushi


sushi is awsome i just started eating it lately and thaats from wally world ill peak it out

Jay Martinez says:

I like when Tony says on the road….tap tap that muscle

Angelica Simmons says:

way to many sick fucks on here

Eddy Empathy says:

another good revru

Angelica Simmons says:

hot damn u was feeling dat sushi wasnt you….great review

firegirk121 says:

sushi is actually eaten as a finger food in japan they don’t use chopsticks for it

Gah Damn says:

We do this everyday but we haven’t uploaded a video in two days. I’m schleep cuh

YummyBitesTV (ASMR/MUKBANG) says:

Yuuuuuummy I love sushi!!

Aaron Bouie says:

Shout me out

Native Bluecurls says:

holler at me tony shout me out

infernoXTR says:

hey tony congrats on the 5k subs u tha man

Chris Brown says:

Ion fuck with that sushi, but good review my boi!!!!! Fuck them chop sticks. str8 hands fam. lol

Paul Lucas says:

Do shoutouts at the end bro you’ll get more people commenting on your videos

sneak 1 says:

everyday, every other day, every day, vlog blowing up… pick something and stick with it.

Native Bluecurls says:


April Rush says:

I love how our girl Miss Yummy be doin shoutouts . I think it’s a way to show your subs that you appreciate them !

David Summers says:

I bet it taste better than them peppers?!!!!!!!!! Show you right!
Keep doin your thang.



That guy denim jeans is all ways hating on Keke big O tits but he get a shout out WHAT THE FUCK TONY (@)(@)

Kia Amire says:

In the game room?? You get a PS4 yet?

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