What $400 Gets You at One of NYC’s Most Expensive Sushi Restaurants — Consumed

On this episode of Consumed, host and sushi aficionado Kat Odell visits Sushi Ginza Onodera, the New York City outpost of an acclaimed Tokyo omakase restaurant, to try the many-coursed meal that sets diners back $400. Is it worth it? Watch the video above for an inside look. 

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黒嵜潤一郎 says:


hal al says:

That was $400 wtf I could of fed Africa with that much and still have more.

Thomas Vu says:

So good. So creamy. So… So .. So…. Sososososososo….

Bobshouse says:

Not worth the money. I buy my own ingredients and make it for a LOT less.

BengkelMarmer dotCom says:

Oh not again, she is…

ThePulikuttan says:



Dimensional, sweet, creamy.

Shuvan Haldar says:

Let me save u some time on the criticism: everything is delicious

Teddy Weng says:

Jesus, why are comments on Eater so rude? I’ve never seen such a toxic environment on videos.

Nifty Nea says:

2:38 = meme

Travis Estes says:

“It’s so good”.
Wow, thanks for that detailed description. Good thing you filmed that hot take.

Fuchsia Hughes says:

Couldn’t she have had her nails polished before going? Those nails!

Unique Concept says:

I’ll never get full with that much money

PandaBurgers says:

I don’t know who’s worse her or Nick

My profile picture kinda weird says:

1:37 turn on your subtitle

消灭中文 says:

you don’t stop talking, do you. You’re eating, not trying to seduce the chef. Did you eat without your brain, or have eaten your brain

boxzon prazon says:

tender…creamy….bad joke attempts…$400

Jye Turk says:

Educated questions would help this video. “Do you ever cut your finger?” I turned off the video. I honestly don’t want to watch another second.

John Doe says:

How do you turn Gods creation into a fortune? Ridiculous how the white man stoled this country and everything in it!!

belldozer10 says:

Prob the most basic white girl

TypicalCombatgamer TypicalCombatgamer says:

1.5th min definition of acting lo

Griddle Puff says:

The way he cut the ginger tho:0

IamSchofield says:

Why are these foodie reviewers such wankers?!

brownredxx says:

She should be reviewing anything like burger or ice cream but not Sushi!!!!

Darcy says:

*C R E A M Y*

Lu Cmacho says:

She made me unsubscribe to this channel. Her personality is very fake!

Jkjkkjkjk says:

The girl was saucing all over him. Just tell him the disses of his dishes. It doesn’t hurt him but helps him. Lady you need to get a new job.

Jacky Tang says:

“I have a bag that would match that!” Louis Vuitton Damier…

xxxgrimox says:

400? Pe 2 cazzate?

BC Survivor says:

This woman was not qualified to do this video. She sounds uneducated and like a silly teenager.

Ramses Escobar says:

Ai jsjsjsjs no mamen, esa pinche perra golfa puta huelecolas que, digo no mames osea pinche puerca pendeja ni sabe probar la comida nada más dice “hay si están muuuuyyy suave está muy muuuuyyy riiiico” ni que se la estuvieran metiendo luego pobre japonés nada más la ve con lastima ,jsjsjsjsjsjs pinche ruca mierdera ojalá y la maten a la pinche pedorra hija de toda su reputisisima pendeja madre editado tu gfa

Dingus says:

mmmm, cant watch….must eat celery

Anthony says:


I could do a better job ffs

Calvin Ng says:

Can’t a huge channel like you find a proper critic ? Instead of a blonde bimbo with the vocab depth of a 5 yr old. A kid could describe his food way better than she did. ” oh so sweet, oh so tender , so so creamy ” unsubbing.

Amir Iskandar says:

This remind me of Saito Somei from Shokugeki no Soma…XD

Khvito75 says:

Why are people bullying this girl ? I think she’s fine and there is nothing.
Thanks for the video looks like a nice meal

Minn Nice says:

It’s been awhile since I’ve watch these videos, hope she’s long gone by now #soooooogoooooood

Himalayan man says:

$400 for this …come to india ..you will have an experience of life time

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